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Unworldly Creatures

Atualizado: 4 de out. de 2021

Improve your English by reading, learning new vocabulary, and developing fluency.

A strange blob spaceship had appeared from nowhere. Weird aliens were onboard. Once set down, the unsightly creatures from outer space disembarked. Down, they cluttered the ramp. All the while, John had been nearby watching these ugly living things, or perhaps they were robots he thought.

Once on land they spread out and made creepy sounding communication between each other. Then they advanced on John’s house. His family lived in the only two-story building in the area. He tried warning his clan to hide, but alas his sister had been sleeping soundly and wouldn’t budge, as hard as John tried to stir her. His parents were doomed when the aliens came bursting in because they had no time to flee.

John’s family had suffered the wake of the atrocity. One by one they had fallen to the aliens. He was scared. No one could blame him for his anxiety. Aliens kept appearing when he thought he had dodged them all. He kept low, hidden behind a few remaining objects. They used what looked as if it was a lizard gun attached to their right forearm. It released a green gooey substance that destroyed anything it touched.

John had to escape the ordeal to save himself before they cottoned on to him being in the house. He slipped under the draping curtains, and then out the living room window before it was too late by gently lowering himself to the ground outside. Then he crawled away into the distance.

Written by Carl Boniface

Que tal melhorar seu nível de inglês comigo. Posso ajudá-lo a ir para o próximo nível. Obrigado!

Test yourself:

A) Find two other words for 'strange' in the first paragraph with the same meaning:

1. ________, 2. ________

B) Find another word for 'family' with the same meaning: ________

Vocabulary builder:

Cluttered (adj) = messy, disorderly, chaotic, (antonym) neat

Soundly (adv) deeply, well, peacefully, like a log

Budge (v) = move, shift, dislodge, stir, “wouldn’t budge as hard as John tried.”

Dodged (v) = regular verb ‘dodge’ (syn) ducked, avoided, a sudden quick movement to avoid something. “He dodged getting hit by the crashing car.”

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