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Travel Time

Four hundred or so people packed into what could have been a very large sardine tin, but it wasn’t. Instead, passengers fastened their seatbelts to fly away into the sky headed for London. Travelling was such fun, an escape from reality, and in my case a trip to be with my mum while appreciating my childhood (upbringing) heritage.

Sueli sited next to me with her son was also going to visit her mum. She visited England several times, as her Brazilian mother was married to an Italian. England was home to many citizens from all over the world. World travelers are alike in that they seek fulfillment (self-realization) and a deeper satisfaction (contentment) than staying in their home country.

People have their individual motives for traveling afar. Those going to new vocational spots, I think it’s fair to say have the intention to get away from it all, spread their wings to discover different ways of life from culture to the ambient, customs, and cuisine. Some travel to meets friends, or family, or others. Some travel because they are bored. Some want to search for a new soulmate, or whatever it is that tickles their fancy.

As some restricting pandemic measures have been lifted and Brazil is no longer classified as a red-zone, visiting my ninety-four-year-old mother was a no brainer that had to be done. Once I had arrived at Heathrow airport and disembarked (got off), I took a red-line-bus for a further two-hours’ journey to my home-town.

It was great to see my mum, but sad, as my father had passed away in February. She was frail (in poor health), having recently been in hospital for several days while recovering from varied ailments. She was home, but feeling disoriented and repeated actions like writing out Christmas cards twice for the same people, accredited to excessive medicinal drugs.

The next morning, I swabbed my tonsils and nasal passages for the compulsory 2-day PCR test, and then after several trips backwards and forwards to the public library to register my assessment, walked a long distance to a drop-off-box behind Morrison’s supermarket. A day later the results came in, Covid-19 had not been detected.

Written by Carl Boniface

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