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Tolerated Name

Monday is one of those weekdays that upsets unpassionate souls. They agonize over fear of facing another week’s work. In Martin’s case it should have been a blissful day full of joy.

He strolled into the registry office to register their newly born girl. He was at ease when he hand-picked Natasha from Russian descent as it aired a contemporary influence and it echoed beauty and class. And bearing in mind his wife and mother-in-law chose their first daughter’s name, it had been agreed that it would be his choice.

Satisfied, he continued working hard while enjoying family life. He was unaware that brewing behind his decision his mother-in-law was pressurizing his wife to change their baby’s name to Bianca. It became apparent when she brought up the subject during a meal. Her grandmother had died a few weeks before Natasha was born, and she wanted her name instead.

An interesting detail was that Bianca had been Natasha’s second name. However, that wasn’t good enough, and they wanted the name inverted. To cut a long story short over the next few years his wife’s solicitor friend had been taking care of the procedural actions to make it happen.

Another viewpoint to consider is that Martin’s mother-in-law had had the chauffeur pick up the kids from school at noon, and then they would spend the afternoon in her apartment. Her servants would call her Bibi, and consequently she had been coined Bibi by everyone around her except for the father.

Eventually, when the document arrived and he was asked to sign his agreement, the pressure was too great, and he yielded.

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Agonize (v) = worry, struggle, strive, vacillate, suffer, brood, be anxious, torture yourself

Hand-picked (adj) = select, exclusive, finest, top-quality, specially selected

Descent (n) = succession, background, pedigree, lineage, parentage, ancestry

Aired (v) = ventilated, freshened, exposed, declared, expressed, revealed

Brewing (v) preparing, making, steeping, infusing, fermenting, concocting

Coined (v) = invented, created, devised, think up, make up, lay claim to

Yielded (v) = gave in, conceded, granted, surrendered, resigned, relinquished. Yield can also mean produce, generate, return, bring in, earn

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