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Thinking Big

Thinking big has been bantered as helping you achieve your goals. Some consider it as going against nature like taking steroids to get more muscular?

According to my research thinking big broadens your horizons and propels you beyond the ordinary into the remarkable. Put this way of thinking into practice by taking action. Set no boundaries for yourself. Make your goals bigger and better, and have the enthusiasm, desire, and energy to see them through.

As an average person, I’m thinking that owning a mansion is thinking big, but is it? The median listing price per square foot is approximately $225 in the United States in 2023. Considering mansions have a minimum size of 8,000 square feet, the typical cost of a mansion would amount to approximately $1.8 million. Isn’t that an achievable goal for Joe Bloggs? Most people couldn’t afford one, nor is it reasonable to say every Tom, Dick, and Harry will ever have one!

The fact is big ideas in business can be worked on by educating yourself and doing every possible task to reach short-term goals, contributing wholeheartedly to overcoming obstacles, and then stretching farther to achieve long-term objectives. If you have the skillset then great ideas are achievable to those thinking outside the box!

Thinking big forces you to determine whether your actions truly align with your values. Some people use thinking big to tap into their creative side, helping them contribute something interesting to their company and community.

Have a truly fantastic career!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Bantered (v) = teased, mocked, joked, jested, poke fun at, make fun of, have a joke with

Joe Bloggs (idiom) = a name for a hypothetical average man. "What goes on in the pits is a million miles away from what happens when Joe Bloggs puts his car in for a service."

Tom, Dick, and Harry (n) = used to refer to ordinary people in general. "He didn't want every Tom, Dick, and Harry knowing his business."

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