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The Day of Awakening

What works for some may not work for others. Everyone has to find their way to a better day. The day of awakening is when changes are made and a new way of life is chosen to balance lifestyle, its fruits, and turn negativity into positivity.

Over our lifespan we endure hardships like financial destitution, illnesses from common cold to flu, coronavirus, cancer; degenerative diseases such as Parkinson, dementia, or even suffering from emotional turmoil when loved ones’ pass or undergo hospital treatment. We are obliged to strengthen ourselves to bear the strain and pain that comes together with strife.

Food and what we eat makes a massive difference to the way we mature, from babies to children and then the rest of our days. We can choose what we want to eat as we age, so making the right choices are important. Ideally, we need to restrict junk food which to the untrained tastes great when it’s nothing more than poor nutrition that is smothered in unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. Even the protein content is from cheaper sources.

Oxygenation helps our bodies recover from ailments as it fills capillaries and increases blood oxygen levels. We can’t get enough of this, so drink plenty of water and practice deep breathing to open up the whole system to a better life. Whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter, but there is no denying my breathing passages are less inhibited and many benefits have been had.

Exercise is also a nitric oxide creator and as such it gets deep into the lung’s capillaries. I’m not a doctor, but by carrying out systematic studies from practicing a series of techniques from taking daily cold showers, deep breathing and exercise, I’ve been able to feel a remarkable difference. It isn’t easy to find material to substantiate such claims, but then we owe it to ourselves to search for ways to improve our health and contribute to our healthspan.

One major destroyer of wellbeing is how we cope with stress. Deep breathing is a form of conscious meditation which connects to alpha-brain waves. Listen to relaxing music. Get on top of our anxiety.

The benefits of alpha brain waves

  • Eases anxiety.

  • Lowers depression.

  • Boosts creativity.

  • Increases pain tolerance.

  • Boosts resilience to stress.

Don’t hold grudges; move on, turn the page, and go ahead. Let bygones be bygones! This kind of attitude will remove negative energy allowing you to concentrate on positivism and making a difference.

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Destitution (n) poverty, hardship, insolvency, deprivation, impoverishment, misery, (ant) prosperity, wealth

Strife (n) trouble, conflict, contention, fighting, rivalry, (ant) harmony

Nitric oxide is a molecule that's produced naturally by your body, and it's important for many aspects of your health. Its most important function is vasodilation, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation.

Alpha-brainwaves = Some of the positive effects of boosting alpha waves include lowering stress, reducing anxiety, decreasing depression, and improving creative thinking.

Grudges (n) resentments, chip on the shoulder, bitterness, complaints

Let bygones be bygones (expression) = to forgive someone for something done or for a disagreement and to forget about it. "I know we've had our fights over the years, but I think it's time we let bygones be bygones."

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