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Selling Success

There is always a way. A way to be successful is a matter of fact. Providing there is a desire then there is a way. My boss and friend, Lawrence Rosenberg used to say, my way, or the highway!

In other words, his formula for success which had worked for him would work for others. In my opinion, what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for others. However, there is truth to his argument, as following tried and tested principals is a methodology that makes sense. Lawrence is a world class deal maker!

For inexperienced initiative a formula does work because without proven methodology then a pattern needs to be formed. And no better way to do it than follow those principals used by a leader who has acquired successful habits. Especially, one so renown for kicking ass!

Leaders lead from experience while also they show leadership qualities to take others along the same path of success. Success then requires skill from initiatives picked up while practicing proven techniques. Successful habits are in essence tidbits of information that contribute to an outcome that must be repeated consistently to win the battle.

Yes, fighting is a common denominator, a feature shared by all members of a group. A true warrior is built from determination, perseverance, and warrior instincts to win battles. Lawrence’s books are a true inspiration from a top-notch guy!

Written by Carl Boniface

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