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Seeking Perfection

Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2022

Good coffee comes from the right proportion of powder to water ratio. It is easy to make coffee, but getting it just right takes skill. Like everything we are limited to theoretical knowledge and then participating in the actual process until we reach a level of competence and the skillset worthy of recognition. It doesn’t happen overnight, and rather takes perseverance until the combination pays off in that the blend is perfect.

Perfection then is in the eye of the beholder, meaning everyone has their standards. What’s good for one might not be good for another. However, doing something over and over until it is mastered sets the pace to be adhered to in one’s own eyes. The only real test to get general consensus of genius is to have a bunch of people attest to the quality of your masterpiece. Time investment pays dividends down the road.

The road could be a long one, but everyone can do it. We all have the components to drive forward in our quests for perfection. The secret worth of understanding is everything because it can be adjusted until it becomes perfect. If a person is prepared to go the long haul and persevere through ups and downs then knowledge is gained that provides the catalyst to strike gold. Like gold settlers back in the California Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush sparked a movement west in that people saw the opportunity to stake a claim of their own and truly pursue the "American Dream" out west in the 19th century.

It didn’t happen overnight, but settlers followed their dream to become wealthy. Some were successful while others weren’t though they went to pursue success. Bearing this in mind leads to the question; what is the main ingredient to one’s success and one’s failure. Knowledge is an important ingredient that supply’s the know-how of how to do things. Then doing something again and again provides the required experience to be able to fine tune whatever it is a person is trying to achieve.

Knowledge and experience will set one up for life. Some young students realize it early on and others go through childhood thinking that education is a joke and a waste of time. However, adults who took the study route seriously find it easier to progress in their chosen field of business. Why make it difficult when it could be easy. Doing things properly carries its weight in gold!

Written by Carl Boniface

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