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Salvador, Bahia

If you need a short vacation, and don’t want to spend too much while feeling the change of climate, one place worth visiting could be Salvador from the county of Bahia (state) which is an Afro-Brazilian sweetheart in South America.

One excellent novelty is its colonial architecture whilst rich cultural heritage, lively festivals and delicious food. They say, it’s a destination that works its way into every traveler’s heart. Salvador runs deep with culture and tradition, so if you haven’t been there yet, then what are you waiting for. This destination is a melting pot of Native-Indian, African and European influences that is reflected in its language, food, religion and architecture.

Apart from the city having a long and fascinating history, the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where visitors become enthralled by the Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments.

Salvador is world-renowned for its fantastic cuisine, with spice and seafood as the main attractions. Flavors are often based on African ingredients and techniques, with authentic markets serving up a variety of local delicacies. The coastline is one of the longest in Brazil, with 50 miles of beaches of calm sandy coves, open oceans and rock pools.

Salvador is a haven for lovers of music and festivities, home to the biggest party in the world, the Bahian Carnival, which attracts almost 4 million people over an entire week. It is home to some of the finest craft markets in the Bahia region, and visitors can find trinkets made from straw, leather, clay and wood, as well as more elaborate pieces which feature precious and semi-precious gems.

Salvador is the capital of the northeastern state of Bahia in Brazil. The city is situated on a peninsula alongside the Bay of All Saints Bay on the Atlantic Ocean. It is Brazil’s third-largest city.

Salvador has a tropical rainforest climate, with light rainfall over the course of the year and ideal warm temperatures. Salvador's driest month of the year is September, and the wettest months are between April and June. While September can be slightly busier, it is a great time to visit as there are more sunny days to enjoy.

You could take a four- or five-day vacation to chill out a bit, and go home revigorated for another round of living. If you live in São Paulo, Brazil, about 1900km though by plane it is less than two-hours. However, if you drove there, you’d spent 24-hours behind the driving wheel.

Cost wise you can get a package deal via the main tour operators, so budget conscious for around US$500 which includes flight, hotel, and breakfast. If you are a luxury seeker then it can become pricier.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface  


Vocabulary builder:

Melting pot (n) = mixture, mix, mishmash, blend, fusion, fusion, jumble, medley, hodge-podge

Coves (n) = bays, inlets, harbors

Trinkets (n) = jewelries, jewels, charms, ornaments, gems, knick-knacks

Peninsula (n) = cape, point, headland, isthmus, neck of land, finger of land

Pricier (adj) = costlier, steeper, dearer, expensive, high-priced, overpriced, exorbitant, (ant) cheaper

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