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Queen Passes

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

By now everyone should know the Queen of England, Elizabeth II has passed away in her Balmoral home. It saddens me to write this blog, all the while remembering her for the great women that she was during her reign.

God save the Queen, no more!

Now the new King Charles III will take the throne of England. Many feel he isn’t adequately equipped to be the monarch; however, it is his rightful position as the heir to the queen. Now we will have to say, God save the King, or more likely, “Long Live the King!”

Charles is seventy-three years old. He has been waiting all his life for such an occasion. From a very young age being groomed to play the role of Britain’s ruler. Duties will include representing England through thick and thin, travelling to commonwealth countries in the name of the king for the prosperity of England. His role will be to represent a great nation, a country that still boasts one of the highest GDPs in the world, a powerhouse history.

Whether liked or not he has the lifeblood of the king. He was married to Lady Diana Spencer and now Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall who has already been bestowed the position of Royal Patron of the National Theatre by Her Royal Majesty the Queen earlier this year. Now though she has been given the title Queen Consort which was confirmed by the palace in their statement.

King Charles III, he will become sovereign of the world’s most important constitutional monarchy, head of the most storied royal family, and a symbol of continuity in a storm-tossed country.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Heir (n) = successor, inheritor, beneficiary, recipient, heritor

Powerhouse (n) = capital, heart, center, driving force, inspiration, motivation, source of power, motivating force

Lifeblood (n) = blood, sap, essence, life force, vital spark

Bestowed (v) given, bequeathed, granted, presented, (ant) withdrew

Storm-tossed (idiom) = exposed to or characterized by strong winds and rain. "a boat on storm-tossed seas"

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