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Post Pandemic Stress

The pandemic isn’t over by any means. However, signs of recovery are on the horizon. Things are panning out well for some people, whereas for others, their livelihood has taken a dive in the wrong direction.

Moreover, for those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, unemployment is a reality check that needs serious consideration. Though statistics are showing that employment numbers are on par with figures from before the pandemic, employees income streams haven’t kept up with inflation, and therefore they get less goods for their money. Rising inflation around the globe, tangled supply chains, and uncertainty about stock market investments all add to the dilemma.

Inflation is a reality and now the Russian verses Ukraine conflict is promising further hardship. Some people, simply say it isn’t their problem, and doesn’t affect us. Nevertheless, the financial backlash for Vladimir Putin together with the repercussions are also menacing to the global economy while shaking financial markets and making life more perilous for everyone from Uzbek migrant workers to European consumers to hungry Yemeni families.

When one crisis comes to an end, another begins. Differently to the 20th century’s World War One from July 1914 till November 1918, and the Spanish Flu epidemic which began in February 1918 and finished in April 1920, the coronavirus pandemic started at the beginning of 2020 and is still in motion while the past Eastern Bloc seems to be reforming its strategic advantage. Are we going to see the former USSR return to its former glory in the 21st century?

The Eastern Bloc was a term coined by NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It is used to refer to former communist states in Eastern and Central Europe which included the Soviet Union, countries in the Warsaw Pact, and Albania, Yugoslavia, etc. May I suggest deep breathing which goes hand in hand with reducing stress, and making it a regular occurrence to deal with the current atrocities

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Panning out (expression) = intransitive verb. to happen, end, or develop in a particular way: turn out. “I'm really enjoying how this is all panning out now and it is so exciting and intriguing to watch and find out what happens next

Reality check (exp) = an occasion on which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world. "President Putin needs a reality check to realize the damage he has caused"

Nevertheless (adv) = is like saying however, yet, nonetheless, still, though, on the other hand, all the same, even so

Backlash (n) = reaction, repercussion, counterattack, hostile response, counter attack, backfire

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