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My 300th Special Edition blog for English students is about post-election Brazil.

For God's sake, don't fall for this high inflation scam, a Bolsonaro ploy according to some experts. Inflation had dropped considerably leading up to the election’s 2nd and final deciding vote on October 30th.

People in the know already knew prices would get higher after the election and that the decrease was brought on by none other than Paulo Guedes who felt that his efforts were not in vain and wanted another stretch as Minister of Finance. There is evidence that pinpoints inflation decreased drastically months before the election. Another mess and brainwashing of the Bolsonaro and Guedes team.

It is really sad that so many people think the election was a fraud. The demonstrations by the Bolsonaro supporters are undemocratic. Once again, showing Bolsonaro style: rebellious and provocative. For a man that quoted “Order and Progress” throughout his term, he only annoys the majority of the nation. It is an illusion that Bolsonaro will resolve the harmony in Brazil for which each of us is responsible.

Making demonstrations that affect the Brazilian economy, in the end, will hurt citizens by increasing inflation. And then Bolsonaro supporters will blame Lula. According to some, Bolsonaro is an egoist who likes to cause controversy, and therefore must be so proud that protesters are carrying on his madness regime. Actually, if you watch the video recently published by a non-biased reporter you will come to your own conclusions.

It is as though he thinks he’s a Mafia boss. In the Cambridge dictionary it distinguishes a close group of people who are involved in similar activities and who help and protect each other, sometimes to the disadvantage of others. In other words, he could be the high school bully, and those around him are blind sighted, and under the impression that he is a ‘one of us’ character!

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Labour) is facing his role as the new president while he has important figures all over the world who are backing his efforts. One such British parliamentarian, Jeremy Corbyn accompanied the elections in Brazil and says, “It is not possible to negotiate with the radical right.”

As a politician in solidarity with Lula when he was imprisoned in Curitiba, Corbyn sees the labor (PT’s) recent victory “won with absolutely everything that was possible against him” and as one of the great achievements of progressive sectors in the world.

Additionally, he pointed out the danger of the advance of the extreme right in Europe, the war in Ukraine (and the need for the left to elaborate an agenda for peace) and about the challenges posed by current labor relations.

Since Lula took office, we are seeing massive movements against him with highways blocked, city demonstrations to dethrone him by asking for military intervention, and all the while Bolsonaro does nothing to ask his supporters to wait until the next election in four years.

Democratically speaking, this shows how far the far-right wing fanatics are prepared to go to get what they want.

Meanwhile Lula is attending the climate summit, COP 27 in Egypt to meet international supporters who are receiving him warmly. His supporters are saying he has done more towards climate change in a few days than Bolsonaro has in the last four years.

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Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Ploy (n) trick, maneuver, strategy, plan, tactic, scheme; gambit

Stretch (n) = period, time, tenure, span, duration, stint

Pinpoints (v) = locates, identifies, isolates, finds, determines, pin down

Hurt (adj) = upset, offended, wounded, unhappy, indignant

Posed (v) = modeled, postured, positioned

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