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Police Brutality

Isolated cases of police brutality against prospective offenders are clearly the misuse of power. However, we should consider the overall effectiveness of policework to uphold the law when so many people are evidently against them for the wrong reasons. If one is unethical 99 others work to the letter of the law.

After witnessing a video of an American cop standing in front of a car whilst asking the driver to turn off the engine, it literally made me feel sick. The driver ignored his request, and then drove off while forcing the policeman onto the bonnet (hood) of his car. He then raced away off along the road reaching speed in excess of fifty-miles per hour, all the while the cop was clinging on for his life.

Fortunately, the driver didn’t take the highway that was in front of him, and instead decided to drive into what looked like a yard whereby the car slowed down somewhat. Then the cop, realizing it was necessary, got off hastily to save himself. The sporty car sped off!

There must have been another exit, as the criminal then left the scene. One has to ask themself, if the police are risking their lives, as they often do, then wouldn’t it be fair to respect them and if stopped to answer any questions instead of quizzing them and trying to belittle their efforts to do their job?

Currently, there are many video clips online which show the video presenters playing awkwardly by putting the policeman in line under scrutiny by answering questions with questions, as if they are superior. I always thought it was the ordinary person’s obligation to answer police questions respectfully while avoiding confrontation.

Afterall, they are the authority, and their job is to protect citizens. In other words, indirectly when they ask questions, they are upholding the law, as well as catching criminals and investigating crimes to keep the public safe.

But the smart aleck wants to show he can outsmart the cop by provoking a scene while filming with a mobile phone, and then publishing it to get interaction with other clever clogs.

It amazes me how so many people watch these videos and then leave comments attacking the police. It’s like the police are the enemy. The police have a difficult job which involves risk and possibly losing their lives.

Support the police and help them solve crimes!

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Bonnet (n) = cap, hat, sou’wester, trilby, sun hat 1. a woman's or child's hat tied under the chin and with a brim framing the face. "These specially designed bonnets provide warmth, protection, and cushioning for babies." 2. In British English the hinged metal canopy covering the engine of an automobile; the hood. "He jumped on the bonnet of the car in an attempt to stop it going in the wrong direction"

Clinging (adj) = close-fitting, adhering, gripping, tight-fitting, snug

Hastily (adv) = hurriedly, speedily, rapidly, quickly, at a fast pace, in a hurry

Smart aleck (n) = a person who is irritating because they behave as if they know everything. "I'm sick of all these smart alecks who think they know best."

Clever clogs (n) = British, informal + disapproving: a person who is clever in a way that is annoying.

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