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People Make Me Sick

Today’s blog for English students is an underlaying feeling towards those who go on the warpath. For example, movements in society often turn to violent emotions that interfere with the essence of human life, whereas most human beings want to evolve into down-to-earth while being productive with community refinements to make the world a better place.

Animals have to hunt for food to survive. They also have to fight other animals on the sustenance trail. A lion will protect it’s offspring from predators. In the case of animals its survival instinct that takes them into battle to win. However, nowadays humans shouldn’t be compared to animals although it’s hard to distinguish the difference when we consider the need to fight. Take Russia against Ukraine as one example. Putin is acting like a thug in his aggressive and destructive war campaign.

There are twenty-seven current conflicts around the world. There must be a better way one would imagine while to a lesser extent some leaders use bully tactics to show their distaste for not being able to do what they want. I suppose that comes down to decades of authority and diplomatic tendencies created by our ancestors in past lives. Still standing those rules and regulations cannot be tolerated by often democratic rulers who have been elected by common votes from their respective lands.

Their job isn’t to change laws but rather follow the constitution and direct their country, as laws need to be asserted via legislation which can be a lengthy process. If supreme magistrates are approached courteously while tactfully then working within legal boundaries could mean reasonable changes. Laws are often in place because of past occurrences, and therefore require much tact through analytical analysis and deeper awareness.

No person alone or by minority rule can make such decisions without following lawful practice and majority support. The days when fascists and dictators bullied for their own convenience are gone. A patriotic nation needs to go by general agreement whereby the majority set the guidelines democratically.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary meaning:

Warpath (n) = 1. a hostile or confrontational course of action. "He has escalated his warpath against his perceived enemies." 2. Historical: a route taken by North American Indians heading toward a battle with an enemy. "Their warpath has reached the shores of the Pacific."

Down-to-earth (adj) = practical, realistic, sensible, matter-of-fact, pragmatic, no-nonsense, (ant) fanciful

Refinements (n) = modifications, alterations, improvements, enhancements, tweaks, minor change, fine-tuning, sophistications

Sustenance (n) = nourishment, nutrition, food, fuel

Predators (n) = killers, slayers, hunters, pillagers, raiders, marauders

Thug (n) = brute, ruffian, criminal, mugger, hoodlum, gangster, goon

Asserted (v) = declared, proclaimed, stated, avowed, emphasized, stressed, affirmed, claimed, alleged, contended, insist on

Courteously (adv) = politely, considerately, chivalrously, civilly, gallantly, (ant) rudely

Tactfully (adv) = diplomatically, delicately, sensitively, discreetly, considerately, thoughtfully, perceptively, skillfully, judiciously, carefully

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