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Palmeiras Striker

It looks like Palmeiras has forgotten about Diego Costa, as it is preparing an offer to close a deal with former Real Madrid striker, Willian José who currently plays for La Liga club Real Betis.

Palmeiras based in São Paulo has reentered the football market in search of a new forward after a knee injury occurred to their new striker, Bruno Rodrigues. He suffered the wound in his second game for the club against Inter de Limeira on January 24th.

Consequently, the athlete has already started treatment with professionals from the Health and Performance Center and will undergo surgery in the next few days. Palmeiras contracted Bruno for the new season of Brazilian football.

One of Green's few reinforcements for 2024, the number 11 and former Cruzeiro striker ended up suffering the knee injury and will be out of action until the middle of the season.

Diego Costa is free on the ball market and could arrive at Green free of charge. However, it seems that the team's priority for the sector seems to be this other named star.

According to the Alfinadela Palmera portal, linked to Real Betis, Palmeiras has intensified its interest in Willian José and should make a proposal for the attacker in the next few hours.

However, an operation will not be simple because the Spanish team has already traded Borja Iglesias to Bayer Leverkusen and according to my understanding could run out of time to replace both departures in the same sector.

Well-known in Brazilian circles, Willian José is 32 years old and has played 27 games this season, with 10 goals scored and two other backings provided.

Apart from playing for Betis, he has played for clubs such as Wolverhampton, Real Sociedad, Las Palmas, Real Zaragoza, Real Madrid, Santos, Grêmio, São Paulo, Rio Preto and Grêmio Barueri.

He could be just what Palmeiras need to back up scoring more goals in their matches.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface


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