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Palmeiras History in the Making

Another trophy almost in the bag, as Palmeiras football club reach the closing stages of the Brazilian League table, known as the “Brasileirão”! This will mark the end of the season in Brazil. One man whose charisma has led the squad from beginning to end is none other than the man on a mission, Portuguese coach, Abel Ferreira.

Since joining the club, Abel has had a string of successes which means he’s bagged eight titles so far, and Wednesday 6th December could be his ninth. An outstanding climax to a rocky season in the making should mean a ninth prize, as champions of Brazil. If this occurs, then all of the Palmeiras club will be partying late into the night, as the last game begins at 9.30pm.

The big question is will it be sufficient to satisfy Abel’s hunger to remain at the club. Certainly, he’s had a blast of a time at Palmeiras over the last three years. He admits he’s in love with the club, its people, and facilities, and if he could, he would continue to shine. However, over the last few weeks we are aware that he is physically and mentally exhausted from such a busy timetable.

We have even seen his dissatisfaction with regard to the intensity of game scheduling and too little being done to address the situation. It’s common to play eight or nine matches a month and that involves much travelling for sometimes long distances which is both demanding while strenuous and tiring. In European football, the schedule is less taxing at around five or six games maximum per month, and within closer proximity.

On occasion it would be understandable, but after three years ad infinitum, the pace and stress are kicking in. Abel’s success rate has been so remarkable for taking a young team and enhancing their results, and it shows his talent at developing people a forte, but at what expense to his health?

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

In the bag (idiom) = when you say something is in the bag then it’s done. If it’s almost in the bag then probability is it’s pretty likely.

Blast (n) = party. Rave, ball, explosion, detonation, discharge, flash, flare

Taxing (adj) = demanding, tough, difficult, strenuous, challenging, wearing, tiring, (ant) effortless

Ad infinitum (adv) = unceasingly, continuously, endlessly, for ever and ever, repeatedly, infinitively, with no sign of stopping, with no end in sight

Forte (n) = specialty, gift, strength, talent, strong point, strong suit, (ant) failing

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