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Overcoming Negativism

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

Many people need a constant flow of good news to feel good. They want to see everything around them as positive vibes to overcome the world’s negativism thrown at them. Can you blame them for wanting to stay optimistic?

As mentioned in my last blog ‘Worldwide uproar’, it doesn’t offer much positive to absorb though understanding what is going on around us provides insight to a better future. No one can deny the reality we live in, the suffering, and the problems many people face around the world. I also used to avoid all the negative news on TV to stay positive. It made sense to me at that time!

As times change, the circles of good and bad continue as history can attest to. Finding the best way to cope then is clearly an option of that moment to deal with such atrocities. We are unable to have significant impact on worldwide outcome, and turning a blind eye on these struggles appears to be a good way to stay away from it all.

However, looking the other way simply is admitting one’s weakness as strong individuals have a shield blocking incoming negativity, and consequently do not allow this kind of negative impulse to affect their ongoing impetus to strengthen their viewpoint.

My suggestion for strengthening each person’s outlook is use time wisely to learn as much as possible, communicate seriously alone and appreciate that everything happens for a reason. Understand that only the person enacting on bad deeds is to blame, and that abiding by moral gestures is a sign of maturity.

When we aspire to the greater good, we open ourselves up to enhance our point of view. We realize we are only responsible for our own flaws, and cannot allow other people’s predicament to narrow our perception.

What other words have the same meaning as ‘outlook’ from the above text?

1. _____________ 2. _____________

Correct answers will be given in the next blog.

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