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Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2022

President Putin needs no introduction, as after beginning the war against Ukraine there has been worldwide criticism. As a deterrent, sanctions have been enforced and much armament to support Ukraine against the attacks have led to a defensive movement to counter attack the Russian force. Despite that, the Russians occupy several parts of the country.

If you feel annoyed by the Russian’s military then with good reason you should be. However, the real culprit is Vladimir Putin’s aggressive nature by acting like a tyrant using bullying tactics that have caused more than three million Ukrainian evacuees to flee the territory. The whole incident has provoked international turmoil and consequently petroleum prices have risen sharply which has reflected around the world.

The Putin dictatorship hasn’t only aggravated most civilized folk, but it has created a moral standpoint of US and EU nations to club together and fight back even if there is no physical offensive. The sanctions have had considerable impact, but Putin has also defended his integrity by his own retribution of strategic counter sanctions.

According to what Sergei Guriev said on CNBC, Putin has blocked money from being sent out of Russia, external debts cannot be paid, and also that foreign investors are unable to sell shares or cash in stock market investments although the exchange is closed anyway. He also mentioned that the international sanctions will affect Russia’s knowledge-based industries, as they will be unable to import advanced microchips from Taiwan.

Recently Putin has reached out to China for support and economic assistance. He has denied it is for military backing, however, US military intelligence has confirmed his need for more equipment. The report even goes as far as to say Putin got the go ahead from China before entering Ukraine though Chinese representatives deny it.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Deterrent (adj) = restraining, preventative, limiting, off-putting

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