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Neymar at Al-Hilal

Earning a massive salary must have been the main reason for Neymar’s signing up with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, or was it? Today’s English blog weighs up his decision.

Despite the big salary and the perks in his contract, one reason the Brazilian took the opportunity, according to his close friend and former defender (right-back) Gabriel, is that Neymar is in the right frame of mind to get out of the current situation he is living, so he can dedicate more time to his family.

Neymar's transfer from PSG to Al-Hilal has caused something to talk about. The player's decision shocked some fans, who expected him to stay in European football. The Brazilian football star had a very personal reason for accepting the Saudi club's millionaire offer, despite the criticism. And it wasn't just for the money! Clearly it helped!

ESPN learned that the player insisted on leaving Europe where he was living under a lot of tension, according to what Neymar’s friend told them. Furthermore, the Brazilian player decided to explore a continent where he would not have to deal with external pressure. It is worth remembering that Neymar signed a contract where he will receive 320 million euros (about R$ 1722 million) over two years. That isn't Elon Musk status, but he should be able to survive!

“There he will be away from all this pressure, from all of this of course, and today with the social network presence he doesn't have much to run for, but he will live with his family for two years, God willing, and it will be glorious and victorious there; breaking records. He will continue playing and enchanting the world with his football skills, and then he will think about what he is going to do. That's what we talked about in the last conversation", Gabriel explained.

Neymar could have a bright future at Al-Hilal, but due to an injury, he still does not have a debut date for them yet. He has excellent possibilities of living an appealing spell of his career at the club in spite of his injury. Jorge Jesus, coach of the Saudi team, has spent a year in Brazil from 2019 until July 2020 in charge of Flamengo. During that short period they won five titles, including the Libertadores Championship. According to Gabriel, the partnership has every chance of working out.

"A successful coach with a victorious player. Certainly, Neymar is a player that any coach would like to have on his team, and Jorge Jesus will have the opportunity to do a really cool job together with him. This will create history in Saudi Arabia. I hope his connection is triumphant", he explained.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

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