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Atualizado: 13 de set. de 2022

Taking it to the next level demands effort. And then taking it to a completely new level requires what many might consider extraterrestrial adroitness. The question then is how to gain such proficiency!

There doesn’t seem to be a set formula as sometimes ideas are stumbled upon, however, going after it entails total emersion into the unknown, not only from a stubborn attitude and the tenacity to go beyond what most people consider exceeding limitations, but a resounding expectation from within. And as mentioned in previous blogs when I touched on spiritual awareness it takes mental preparation to go the distance.

Having the attitude of a warrior goes hand in hand with a greater level of acceptance that nothing is easy and requires consistent dynamism to reach the desired objective. Moreover, it could be easy, and by taking small ongoing steps mountains can be moved, catalysts are formed that have diverse results and even new discoveries materialize from delving into the unheard of which could be considered a phenomenon of our time.

Alexander Bell, who is most well-known for inventing the telephone is a good example of this. He was born and raised in Edinburgh Scotland while later going to the U.S. as a teacher of the deaf, and then conceived the idea of “electronic speech” while visiting his hearing-impaired mother in Canada. This clarifies next level stuff comes from putting yourself out there and creating the impetus to thrive.

In my little world realizing we are more than the present is clear, as in 60 years the PC came of age, cellular phones made mobility possible, and space travel is very real. Then independent of age, we still have time to build on improving and seeing the bigger picture. You know what, often people say they are trying to work out why they are alive, what is their purpose, and most people are still trying to discover until the time passes and the inevitable occurs.

Our purposefulness is what we make it. If we are spiritually connected to the other side then we are in our element, a journey of discovery, an experience of a lifetime, and ultimately the pleasure we have created from an abundance of the energy around us!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Adroitness (n) = skillfulness, cleverness, dexterity, (ant) clumsiness

Resounding (adj) = loud, booming, echoing, ringing, deep, resonant, reverberating, rich, (ant) weak

Entails (v) requires, involves, needs, necessitates, demands, causes

Spiritual awareness (n) = is something deeper. It is unveiling an extraordinary state of mind, going into a wider dimension much above self, without superficial understanding. It goes beyond the superficial awareness we gain through our five sensory organs.

Dynamism (n) = enthusiasm, drive, zip, zing, vigor, vitality

Delving (v) = investigating, researching, probing

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