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Mysterious Man – part seventeen

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

The evening was long. Alfredo and Natalie absorbed in each other embraced continually. Connection via chemistry satisfied their hunger.

Passionate groping took them deep into the night. They became mesmerized in their exorbitant needs. Alfredo was on a mission. Without further ado, Natalie stayed over.

Fortunately, Alfredo’s ardent ways had worked. Clearly his beefy masculine physique enhanced the outcome. Natalie was absorbed by his magical lustfulness.

The following morning, he got up at the crack of dawn to make breakfast. She tossed and turned as he brought it in the bedroom on a silver tray. Now would be the deciding factor behind his stimulating plot.

Alfredo gently placed the tray by Natalie’s side, and whispered in her ear, “Good morning, princess! He paused, and then continued, “Your breakfast is served!”

Awake, she turned toward him, smiled, and said, “No way!”

She wasn’t used to such treatment, so it came as a real surprise, something she had least expected. It was such a nice gesture of his affection that she sprang to an upright position to try the delicacies.

However, before beginning, she bent her petite face in Alfredo’s direction, gave a gleaming grin and showed him that she meant business. Her lips were parted, and they glided onto his. That kiss went on for what seemed like ages. Her tongue perpetrated deep into his mouth. It was heaven!

Eventually when they parted, Alfredo couldn’t control his emotions and exclaimed, “You are wonderful. I true princess!”

Natalie succumbed to his devilish plight!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Embraced (v) = regular past tense of to embrace. (syn) hugged, held, cuddled, squeezed, clinched, enfolded, clasped, hold in your arms, hold close. Can also mean accepted, welcomed, adopted, supported, or comprised, contained, included, incorporated

Groping (adj) = probing, examining, investigating, fumbling, feeling

Exorbitant (adj) = excessive can also mean inflated, ridiculous, outrageous, or steep, overpriced, unreasonable

Without further ado (idiom) = without any fuss or delay; immediately. "Without further ado he hurried down the steps."

Ardent (adj) = passionate, enthusiastic, keel, fervent, zealous, devoted

Beefy (adj) = muscular, brawny, hefty, sturdy, well built

Lustfulness (n) = having strong sexual desires; lecherous; libidinous.

Crack of dawn (idiom) = a time very early in the morning; daybreak. "I've been up since the crack of dawn."

Tossed and turned (idiom) = to move about and turn over in bed because one is unable to sleep. “She tossed and turned all night.”

Grin (n) = beam, smile, smirk, laugh, chuckle

Devilish plight (n) = evil, an unfortunate, difficult, or precarious situation.

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