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Mr. Eggwhite

Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

This blog in English is for beginners. As well intermediate students can benefit from clear descriptive articles for sentence structure, grammar, and word development. Fluency in the English language is beneficial when travelling abroad, social media communication, and career prospects.

Mr. Eggwhite went to a job interview after lunch. His interviewer, Mr. Smith ran the Human Resources department at a search engine provider. Mr. Smith ask him if he had experience. Then he asked what he wanted to achieve.

Egg head as his friends liked to call him had just finished college and had suitable qualifications to help in the Information Technology (IT) department. IT fix computers within the organization. Beyond fixing computers, the IT department is vital to the company's success.

He responded that he had experience and wanted a full-time job, and not part-time. He felt he was good enough to earn a good salary. He also wanted prospects to grow in the company if he worked hard.

The interview went well. Mr. Smith promised he would give him the thumbs up or down by the end of the week. Mr. Eggwhite thought the job sounded fantastic, and the salary being offered intrigued him.

A good career is important for self-esteem; pride, self-respect, self-image, self-assurance, and security because it provides a sense of worth.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Answer the following questions correctly and fully i.e., full sentence answers:

1) What intrigued Egg head? _________________________________


2) How did he respond to Mr. Smith’s questions? _________________


3) When did Mr. Smith promise Mr. Eggwhite a thumbs up or down?



Correct answers will be shared in a future blog. If you like my blog, please hit the heart below to show some love. If you would like to make an observation, or have any questions or comments go ahead and write in the space provided.

Vocabulary builder:

Development (n) = growth, expansion, progress, improvement

Achieve (v) = attain, realize, accomplish, reach, do, complete, get

Prospects (n) = predictions, projections for growth, outlook for the future

Intrigued (v) = fascinated, interested, charmed, attracted

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