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Malibu, California

Slipping into chilled attire works wonders for laziness and an easy unwind of stress. Travelling to a location that arouses exoticism while having the freedom to feel at liberty to do as you please, is as good as it gets. Malibu can offer such a delightful setting. Why not think big, and venture out beyond local shores!

Break open a bottle of your preferred champagne. Go the whole way and splash out some hard-earned cash for oysters and caviar. Have a whale of a time wining and dining your loved ones. Maybe a thick cut robust from Cuba will hit the spot, or a caipirinha’s chillout sense from Brazil to appreciate the dream come true. A good instrumental vibe like Michael E, Peter Pearson, or simply low-keyed Hip Hop to suit the mood.

Malibu is an iconic city known for the wealth of celebrity homes that dot the area as well as for its broad, sandy beaches, hiking trails, arts, and cultural scene, or Malibu Creek State Park. Malibu is renowned for its stunning coastline featuring over 20 beaches, including the famous Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach. The crystal-clear waters, the broad sandy beaches, and the dramatic ocean views make these spots an earthly paradise. 

This coastal city has a long surfing history, and there are spots throughout Malibu that are world renowned for surfing. You'll typically find surfers on the water in Malibu about 150 days out the year, making it a consistent surf spot.

Additionally, if you fancy spreading your wings and venturing out and about to discover Los Angeles you could rent a custom motorcycle and spend a few days pottering about the scenic roads. Or go shopping (rather boring), or the beach for sunbathing, or admire the incredible views of the sea from your balcony.

Either way you look at it the pure delightfulness of distressing in a place known as a relaxing vacation destination must resonate with everyone!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface   


Vocabulary builder:

Arouses (v) = stimulates, provokes, awakens, produces, stirs

Whale of a time (idiom) = a very enjoyable experience, as in We had a whale of a time in Puerto Rico. This idiom alludes to the largest mammal to describe something very large and impressive. [Colloquial; early 1900s]

Pottering (v) = dawdling, shuffling, toddling, ambling, go slowly, (ant) hurrying

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