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Liz Truss

Atualizado: 24 de abr. de 2023

Great news for England as Liz Truss becomes the new Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom, on Monday 5th September, 2022. She has pledged to deliver on a range of issues after being named the new Conservative Party leader. Following Baroness Margaret Thatcher who brought the Iron Lady leadership to the UK, she also promises a rock-solid approach to the party while defending Boris Johnson’s heartly direction.

Booed by Sunak and Labour supporters preferring Rishi to take control for his independent style which differentiates to Liz’s firm support for Boris Johnson and probable approach to politics, she entered 10 Downing Street unscathed by the ordeal. You’ve got to hand it to her British grit for standing tall, chin high, stiff upper lip manner and leadership support from 81,000 of the 142,000 party member votes in her favor, probably the lowest proportion of any leader in recent years.

As new leader, Truss will likely make a statement outside 10 Downing Street later today. She will immediately face responsibility for a rapidly escalating energy crisis in Britain, with both consumers and companies facing record high gas and electricity costs thanks to the war in Ukraine, and the corresponding rise in inflation threatening to tip the country into a major recession. Soaring natural gas prices are likely to drive consumer price inflation to 13.3% in October, from 9.4% in June, a Bank of England official has said.

Truss, who had already been dubbed "PM in waiting" by one British newspaper, said in an interview with the BBC this weekend that she will formulate proposals to combat this economic challenge within days, and is aiming to "act immediately."

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Heartly (adj) = In a hearty or heart-felt manner; cordially; heartily.

Unscathed (adj) =untouched, unharmed, intact, unhurt, (ant) injured

Ordeal (n) provocation, torment, suffering, tribulation, test, affliction

British grit (n) = means courage and resolve; strength of character. "She displayed the true grit of the prime minister." Can also mean small loose particles of stone or sand. As a verb to move with or make a grating sound. "It was fine red dust that gritted between the teeth."

A stiff upper lip (idiom) = a quality of uncomplaining stoicism. "Senior managers had to keep a stiff upper lip and remain optimistic" If you say that someone is keeping a stiff upper lip, you mean that they are not showing any emotion even though it is difficult for them not to. Interestingly, the idiom keep a stiff upper lip originated as an American way to describe staying resolute without giving way to emotion.

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