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Atualizado: 7 de nov. de 2022

However positive and correct you are, others manage to show you that they treat the world as their rubbish tip. In other words, they may be positive in their outlook, but when it comes to abusing the rest of the world, they manage easily.

Taking my granddaughter down the road to her school by foot, and the sound of a plastic water bottle being crushed under a small black car’s tire (tyre) as it speedily drove over it, and headed towards the highway. Plastic pollutes, so wondering how a large PET bottle was in the middle of the road saddened me.

Litterbugs are selfish, ignorant, and messy people who couldn’t care a less about their actions which contribute to making the street ugly. It isn’t enough that litter attracts pests and rodents, but it can also cause accidents. Imagine a banana skin thrown on the pavement. Someone could slip over it. Litter can block and inhibit rain from going into drains. Clearly, litterers are not prepared to respect others or be part of society.

If we are living in highly populated areas then everyone needs to work together to keep the streets tidy. In isolated areas too, as imagine if no one cared and everywhere we went there was rubbish thrown all over the place; it would create negativity for everyone.

Feeling the need to offer my contribution, the bottle was picked up from the curb and thrown into a close by trash basket. Another plastic lid from a container and white plastic bag nearby, accompanied my deed. If everyone contributed, it wouldn’t necessarily stop litterbugs, but it would be a positive gesture.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Rubbish tip (n) = an area of land where people can dump things that are no longer useful or wanted and that are being thrown out.

PET bottle = Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) plastic – the source material of water bottles, soda bottles and more — makes up 10.2 percent of global plastic production.

Saddened (adj) = distressed, disappointed, dismayed. Troubled, offended

Litter bugs = make a mess wherever they go. Litterers, dumpers, fly-tippers, litter lout

Deed (n) = action, feat, act, endeavor, effort

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