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Life's Connection

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Connections in life can help carve a steady line of progress. When the chiseling effect creates meaningful alignments then differences to reach objectives are put to the side.

Having rock-hard connections to specific activities can chisel better results. Take for example when a person participates in a sport. Feeling the connection enhances performance. Imagine going to the gym for years and seeing poor results from whatever pastime you enjoy whether endurance training, gymnastics, or weight training. Perhaps you are working out to build muscle, but after years as a bodybuilder the gains are not apparent. It makes you wonder why some people do better than others.

Why is it then that doing the same exercises everyone has different outcomes? In strength training some people will say it comes down to genetics. In studying and academic achievement some people will say it depends on one’s intelligence level. Likewise, there are many reasons that influence an outcome!

Clearly, there are differences that cannot always be simply defined, but it could be the lack of concentration and not focusing enthusiastically, or the connection isn’t strong enough. Perhaps the circumstances behind each person’s reasoning are different and dependent on commitment. Maybe it is the things they have done wrong in previous years that have influenced the present. How come some people who don’t seem to make much effort have the flair and make it anyway?

Connection is everything in life. We strive to connect early on and reap the rewards later, or feel sorry for ourselves and give up. No one person has a crystal ball and can define exactly why something isn’t going the way they envisaged. One thing is for sure; we can aspire to chiseling along the way to improve!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

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Vocabulary builder:

Carve (v) = slice, cut, shape, sculpt, engrave, inscribe, etch

Chiseling (adj/v) = regular verb to chisel is to cut or shape something. “He carefully chiseled out a groove for the door hinge.” Or cheat or swindle someone out of something. “She chiseled me out of my savings.”

Rock-hard (adj) = solid, firm, cast-iron, indestructible, (ant) soft

Achievement (n) = attainment, accomplishment, success, (ant) failure

Likewise (adv) = similarly, equally, also, too, the same, as well

Flair (n) ability, skill, talent, aptitude, knack, gift, genius, (ant) ineptitude

Strive (v) = struggle, endeavor, attempt, try, go all-out, do your best

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