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Learning English

English is the universal language of preference because of its simplicity. However, if you ask early to intermediate level students for their view then many of them will say it’s difficult. It doesn’t have to be!

People who know 250 to 500 words are beginners. Those who know 1,000 to 3,000 words can carry on everyday conversations. Knowing 4,000 to 10,000 words makes people advanced language users while knowing more than 10,000 words puts them at the fluent or native-speaker levels.

The Oxford English Dictionary estimates over 171,000 words are currently in use in the English language. Did you know that over 47,000 words are now obsolete? Changing times! I suppose if students analyze such statistics they panic because the number of words is huge.

No need to worry. The key is to learn and there are many ways to do that from free online group sessions, teaching websites that provide free material, and you tube videos that supply tidbits of information which include vocabulary, pronunciation tips, grammar, and other helpful information.

Having all of this potentially useful stuff is great because dipping into FREE material is wonderfully refreshing as it will pave the way to learning English. However, what is missing is interaction with someone who can provide insight. Having a native teacher from an English-speaking nation adds plenty of benefits that are necessary to master the language more efficiently and effectively.

Effective means "producing the result of learning English that is wanted", whereas efficient means "capable of producing the desired result of learning English without wasting materials, time, or energy". When something is efficient, not only does it produce a result, but it does so in a quick or simple way using as little material, time, effort, or energy as possible.

Therefore, if you have the finances it is essential to contract a qualified teacher, someone who has what’s needed. Unfortunately, there are many qualified but incompetent teachers out there. In my experience after teaching for many years, coming from London after working in the city, and living in Brazil has allowed me to understand students’ needs and the difficulties encountered which allows me to produce best results.

With this in mind it has been one of my lifelong ambitions to make a difference, so pupils can obtain the maximum gains in terms of content retention i.e., vocabulary development and when and how to interact using such words. Grammar plays fundamental importance though my methods bring it all together quickly and smoothly so the flow allows students to swiftly become talented.

Having the ability to transmit one’s message is a skill, having the capability to communicate with others requires dedication. So, as having the drive to conquer plays an important role, motivation, and appreciation that speaking fluently will enhance one’s quality of life is a must that comes simultaneously with dynamic teaching techniques.

Material needs to be tailor made to meet learners needs for which are part of my development program. You can relax with me, and feel the vibe that will take you to an advanced level of spoken English. Those who aspire to such educational strength will improve exposure to better career prospects.

Written by Carl Boniface

P.S. If you want to practice your spoken English with me, don't be shy. You can reach me by WhatsApp from anywhere in the world. Let's set up online classes. +55-11-97607-6871

Not only learn English well, but polish communication skills by improving interaction!

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