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Is Health Wealth?

Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2022

During my long English teaching career, the conclusion that wealth is health has become more apparent, so yes health is wealth. Distinctly, money provides ways to acquire luxurious items and supposedly high-quality living standards. Ultimately the things desired to stimulate peoples’ dreams coupled to the good life!

Opulence though creates a worthy lifestyle of the rich and famous. Take that in for a second, and then think about what is required to reach such richness. Way up the cost to benefit and then ask yourself if it really matters to have this lavish existence. Like dreaming the thought of success is reassuring and success comes with wealth, so does it really weigh up?

Going after the good life sounds great in principle, but like everything there is a price associated with it. What if you simply sit back on the couch and take a moment to reflect over what you have achieved in life. Whatever it is, our emotional state determines the value we attribute to our deeds.

In layman terms, we are fueled by effort to go after our dreams. Whether we make it or not should be enough to provide pleasure and the knowledge that we have tried enthusiastically to reach targets. There are varying degrees of effort while the mind is a powerful tool. In fact, we are autonomous to fuel it, nurture it, and control an ending within the constraints of our environment.

I’ve always taken the view that career is a means to supply a lifestyle while entrepreneurship delivers a catalyst to try and reach greatness. On such a basis, aiming high until the sky pushes boundaries to exceed new heights. Moreover, working out and looking after health is wealth.

Take care! Prof. Carl Boniface

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Couch (n) = sofa, settee, divan, chesterfield

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