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Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

It’s only by chance that I’m writing what comes to mind, as my internet service is down. One student in dire need to present a flawless presentation wanted my guidance as a last-minute leeway before his presentation tomorrow.

Robin is the Head Sales and Marketing Manager in charge of a robust division that is developing market share with dominance. Leading the section’s expansion plan has taken sales up several notches from negative revenue to thriving 15% to 20% annual growth over the last five-years.

The last decade has been a stepping ground for the sales team escalating to over two-hundred strong headcount to make its mark in bringing sales in line with marketing objectives. The team has given Robin for his experience and wiseness, the respect he deserves to deliver outstanding results though it hasn’t been easy.

Making room to proactively sort out the riffraff has been an important key to his success. Making gradual changes by implementing adjustments to marketing strategy has meant learning from the ground up, as Robin has worked tirelessly for the last twenty years from trainee by grasping what works to execute tried and tested formulas he has introduced for excellence.

In a twist, today’s English class was important due to last-minute preparation, justly the day before the corporation’s second in command vice-president arrives from abroad on an official visit to find out how Robin has managed to take a lagging division to potentially the market leader in the industry. If carried on at the same growth rate, 1st place would be achieved. What should have been his last chance to practice had to be cancelled.

Having Robin as one of my clients is a magnetic gift. His determination and perseverance to grow within the organization shows his integrity as a leader; someone you can aspire to for his polished approach to developing the business. His uprightness is a superb inclusion for a market leader. He most definitely is a company’s dream employee.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Dire need (adj) = urgent, desperate. “Our company is in dire need of investment.” Or “The office is in dire need of improvement.” Or “The education system is in dire need of money.”

Flawless (adj) = perfect, faultless, sound, immaculate, impeccable, unspoiled, spotless, (ant) imperfect

Leeway (n) = breathing space

Notches (n) levels, grades, degrees, steps, stages, or cuts, marks, scores, gashes, scratches, nicks, indentations

Riffraff (n) = mob, crowd, swarm, throng, horde, multitude, herd, masses, hoi polloi, common herd, commoner. Used in the article to

In a twist (idiom) = usually means to become upset about something that is not very important. “Don't get your knickers in a twist: I'll be ready in a minute!” However, it can also mean a change of circumstances, as in the above article example.

Lagging (n) = something that is behind. “The runner lagged behind the rest of the group, and came in last.”

Uprightness (n) = decency, honesty, respectfulness, morality, honorableness, honor, worthiness, righteousness, (ant) immorality

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