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Icing On a Cake

Business is a way of life for achievers. It stimulates the essence of life for many in that it offers challenge and growth under the right circumstances, and permits individuals to prove to themselves that they are capable beyond any shadow of doubt.

Often it is associated to getting ahead and potentially more rewarding financially, but it also provides control in that the options for expansion are open to one’s effort i.e., time and investment into achieving results. Moreover, it allows individuals to climb the ladder during their lifetime to reach what they are really worth.

This person is a businessman/women or; an individual who aspires to the greater challenges around him or her and then takes action. Therefore, action is the key to taking an idea and then putting it in motion to meet an objective.

There are many factors that contribute to reaching one’s goal. Sometimes the objective is so big it requires support. In other words, working alone with the resources available to you it is unreasonable to take on the project in the first place. Under this scenario an alternative option would be to find a partner, or capital investor who is also committed to your aim, and is prepared to contribute to your plan.

I say committed because commitment is not just being excited about what it is you are trying to achieve, but someone or entity that is prepared to make sacrifices in order to support your endeavors whether that be capital investment, or manpower. One factor which creates a make-or-break involvement is providing the missing links i.e., tangible resources to make the project viable.

It means nothing if a cake is baked, but then an ingredient is missing like the icing on a cake. Another simple way to explain this is having a full course meal without the dessert. If something is missing it is logical to determine that the result will be impaired.

Now this basic understanding is clarified we can move on to achieving the results desired. The streamlining of your enterprise is assured if all parties share the same objectives. With this in mind make sure you choose the right partner/s.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Written originally 2017

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