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Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

Personal choice is the art that disposable income should be invested into accordingly and what good designers tend to opt for. Artwork is hugely personal which affects homes’ design aesthetics. Artwork should express the habitants’ environment that they want to live in to feel complete. If you are narcissistic then art speaks louder than words!

The trendiest art styles of 2022 include abstract representations such as painting, etchings, and sculptures. When choosing decorative artwork for walls, there is no wrong answer, as long as the pieces speak in accordance with your desires. Just like everything else, creations are cyclical. Inspiration, plays an important part of the process to find the perfect fitting artwork. See my ideas above.

Art around me has to tell a story, one of personal interest and that stimulates growth. The balance is central to ambient harmony. It has to provide a calming feeling, one of joy, and one of desire to accomplish. I painted a serious of bright acrylic colors with black background on canvas and synthetic panels in 1998 at a time in my life; 1. when I had plenty of free time on my hands, and 2. as a form of expressing myself after a tragic ending. Several of my paintings were an extension of my subconscious mind as discovered once finished.

Sorry, I can’t find any decent photographs of them, as a few were given to friends who I’ve lost contact with, others are in the USA, some in a ground floor storeroom got waterlogged from a flood, and a couple of my best disappeared, if not stolen.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Aesthetics (n) = a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art i.e., esthetics

Narcissistic (adj) = vain, self-absorbed, egotistical, selfish, conceited, self-important, self-loving, self-admiring, (ant) selfless

Etchings (n) = engravings, drawings, prints, designs, impressions, pictures

Cyclical (adj) = recurring, returning, repeated, cyclic, recurrent, (ant) unique

Canvas (n) = a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from hemp, flax, cotton, or a similar yarn, used to make items such as sails and tents and as a surface for oil painting.

Waterlogged (adj) = drenched, wet, soaked, saturated, sodden

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