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Go After It

Life isn’t about things that happen by chance, but rather going after what you want and not settling for anything less. Mindset is probably the most important asset of your life!

Of course, not everything works out the way you envisage. However, if you go after it, whatever it is, you are more likely to get it or something close to the target you have set.

Strengthening the mind with positive attitude traits like determination is a key, as perseverance. Preparation and organization go the distance in helping set up things to put you on the right track.

Time is limited during one’s lifespan, so think of it like a commodity and don’t waste it. Make step by step efforts to reach your desired objective, and then keep going some more until you have not only overcome each milestone, but surpassed them, and then lock in the winning formula.

Yes, each step requires determination and perseverance, and many other qualities like endurance, resistance, and strength to stay on track and overcome hurdles, but everything when you think about it involves such attitude traits.

Therefore, going after it really is mindset, a burning desire to achieve what many would say is impossible, and then a continuous drive to maintain the winning edge.

Nothing is built overnight, it takes time to arrive at your destination, and consistency helps you get there. Once you’ve arrived then that doesn’t mean sitting back and becoming complacent. Complacency can go against you, and hold you back from growth.

To the contrary, one must persist to continue growing. The most successful formula one driver doesn’t get to the number one grid positions without his mechanics team fine tuning his racing car and his effort on an ongoing basis.

The heart of success comes from finding the right foundations and building on them. Adding block by block to strengthen the framework until the construction is built solidly. A well-constructed building will never fall!

Playing chess is similar in that it takes a series of moves to build an attacking format whilst solid defense to ward off any attack coming from an opponent.

The king is surrounded by a Queen, two castles, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. Each type of piece has set moves, so apart from learning how to use each one, skill is required to put a formation out there.

A winning pattern requires practice, as there are millions of combinations to enable getting the king checkmated. The key is to study playing while practicing as often as possible.

You don’t need to be the best from the rest to develop a winning streak. The key is to take action step by step until a winning formula is arranged, so you can progress in your life, take it to the next level, and create a triumphant lifestyle.

Have a glorious day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Milestone (adj) = breakthrough, momentous, landmark, innovative, ground-breaking, pioneering, historic

Lock in (phrasal verb) = confine, enclose, coop up, impound, shut in, fence in, (ant) release

Streak (n) = line, strip, stripe, vein, manner, attitude, disposition

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