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Global Realignment

Atualizado: 13 de set. de 2022

Today’s blog in English talks about the relevance of the recent Bilderberg meeting “Elite Global Summit” that took place in Washington DC this 2nd till 5th June, 2022, and included a high-powered guest list with heads from NATO, the CIA, GCHQ, the US national security council, as well as two European prime ministers, a healthy sprinkle of tech billionaires, and how it affects the general population.

The source of the information compiled comes from The Guardian and an independent source based in England that sees it his way.

According to the press, since being formed in the mid-1950s as a joint British and US intelligence project, the conference has kept its cards so close to its chest that the world’s press seems to have given up trying to pay much attention because it is too difficult to get a glimpse of the delegates.

My independent source has this to say about the conference:

“Decentralization is the most important thing we can be discussing right now. Real democracy! Real democracy means that the decisions that affect your life are as close to you while ideally made by you, but unless the decisions you make are negatively impacting other people then why would that not be the case?

The problem with centralization then is it takes power; it takes the possibility of choice further and further away from you. The real problem with the Bilderberg meeting up at some fancy hotel with leaders like, Jake Sullivan (USA), Director, National Security Council, Tom Tugendhat (GBR), MP; Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee at the House of Commons, Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General, at NATO (see picture), or Henry Kissinger 99, as well as CIA and MI6, and people that have got interest in Ukrainian gas and oil.” (FULL LIST of participants)

"It means the amount of money you pay for gas or petrol, depending on where you are from, and the way that your country is governed when there is a pandemic or outbreak of a disease, and the amount of money that you pay for your property, and the way that your democracy operates is going to be taken out of your hands.”

‘The participant list is rife with military advisers, one of which is a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and some hefty cogs from the Washington war machine.’ The Guardian.

“If you look at the ingredients of this conference, military advisers, energy companies, politicians, tech companies, etc. Do you think they are doing it, in order, to do nothing? Look, let’s just go to that conference, and then we’ll go home again! They’re not skiing and paddle boarding, and stuff. They are going to be talking about their shared interests and forming cemented relationships, and coming up with ideas that will ultimately impact all of your lives.

What I dislike about the way the media render stories like the Ukraine and Russia war, is, this is just this isolated thing, Russia done this, Ukraine responded. Now, we’re just going to go and help. Put a sticker in your window, will you! Oh yeah, that’s the best thing. It’s clearly, these things are connected by the interwoven cartilage of political ideologies and economic necessities, and economic ambition. You can observe the influence and shadow to these matters within the confines of this conference.”

‘Bilderberg is sometimes dismissed as a talking shop or crazed imagining of conspiracy theorists.’ The Guardian.

Topics covered included Energy Security and Sustainability, talk with the CEOs of oil giants BP, Shell, and Total, also president of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) UK, and Chairman and CEO from Pfizer who after will be locked away for days with Wall Street investors and no press scrutiny.

“What do you imagine they’re going to do in there? Boggle!”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky almost certainly beamed in by making his online appearance. As well, they probably talked about cryptocurrency and its future. And then there are those in positions of importance that are a bunch of self-conceited leaders.

Of course, that terminology is emphatically unfounded, isn’t it?

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Sprinkle (n) = sprinkling, shake, dusting, scattering, scatter, peppering, dash, smidgeon, smidgin, smidgen, pinch

Rife (adj) = extensive, widespread, abundant, predominant, plentiful

Hefty cogs = in the text it means important people with substantial power. Hefty (adj) means heavy, weighty, substantial, cumbersome, awkward

Cog (n) = gear, mechanism, component, part, cogwheel, wheel, sprocket

Render (v) – reduce, condense, concentrate, purify, extract, solidify, melt down

Interwoven (v/adj)) = intertwined, interlaced, intwined, entwined, mingled, linked, intermingled, interleaved, interlinked, interlocked, knit

Boggle (v) regular verb meaning to confuse, baffle, perplex, astonish, overwhelm, throw, stun, disorientate, disorient

Self-conceited (adj) = an exaggerated opinion of one's own qualities or abilities: vanity.

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