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From the River to the Sea

The current Palestinian conflict has been going on for around one hundred years since, more notably the Hebron massacre of 1929 when Arabs in Palestine entered a small Jewish residential area, slyly broke into their homes, and knifed Jews to death. It was their revolt to a conspiracy theory they didn’t like – in other words an excuse to murder the innocent.

Afterwards more a more Jewish settlers came from Europe as they were not welcome there having been dislodged from World War One and Two by the Nazis. Their plight is an important one as there has been resentment towards the Jews by intolerant individuals of rank over the centuries. When a top dog sets the wheels in motion then other crowd followers join the cause to play the blame game.

Jews unfortunately have received a bad hand of cards since the Roman days when they kicked them out of Judaea (Palestine) in 63 BC. However, they had already kicked the Jews out of Rome in 139 BC. Jews were expelled from many places over the centuries, and from my research the main reason in my opinion is jealousy, and as a minority it’s easy to condemn them as the weaker party. They were even kicked out of England in 1290 for not being as useful as they had been. Check out the link to get a deeper understanding of the unfound hatred towards the Jews.

According to the encyclopedia ‘From the River to the Sea’ has been described as speaking out for the right of Palestinians "to live freely in the land from the river to the sea", with Palestinian writer Yousef Munayyer describing the phrase as "a rejoinder to the fragmentation of Palestinian land and people by Israeli occupation and discrimination."

From my observation the Palestinian-Israel situation has been brought on by discrimination in the first place. From the 1920’s planned riots by Arabs in the Middle East to several massacres when the first Jews arrived in the region, the persecution has been mighty. If you care to research yourself you will come to an unbiased opinion based on facts.

The current Palestinian conflict, once again coming from the Palestinian population and its sympathizers to collectively blame the Jews for defending their rights and trying to reduce the violence of activists. Hamas struck first and therefore if the world is going to live in peace, then the radical fundamentalist terrorist organization needs to be eradicated.

Palestinians might deny chanting it with intent, however the catch-all phrase, ‘From the River to the Sea, symbolizes Palestinian control over the entire territory of Israel’s borders, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Slyly (adv) = artfully, craftily, cunningly, skillfully, cleverly, shrewdly, ingeniously, knowingly

Plight (n) = dilemma, predicament, difficulty, trouble

Jealousy (n) = envy, suspicion, distrust, resentfulness, mistrustfulness

Rejoinder (n) =response, answer, comeback, return, a reply, especially a sharp or witty one. "She would have made some cutting rejoinder but none came to mind."

Fundamentalist (adj) = fundamentalistic. Relating to or advocating the strict, literal interpretation of scripture. "A fundamentalist Protestant preacher." (n) = a person who believes in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture in a religion. "Religious fundamentalists."

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