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Friday Blues

Who doesn’t love Friday’s when a hard week’s work is coming to an end, and thoughts about the weekend arouse a more relaxed outlook.

Tantalizing gestures fill the air, as appreciation of spending days affixed to taking responsibility are almost over. Come end of business hours and you can take it easy, let down your hair, uncuff buttons, even take off formal clothes, and unwind. Friday Blues is often referred to as the feeling one gets on a Friday night when attempting or contemplating to have a quiet weekend.

One young worker clenched his fists and yelled, “I want to let my hair down and go wild on the town. Go on a pub crawl and knock back pint after pint until I’m legless."

Another middle-aged woman said, “Weekends are my favorite time to relax when I can lay around all day, read books and watch TV, drinking caffe lattes made on my Nespresso machine thinking of George Clooney!”

To get the best quality of life we need to distress, so weekends are generally a great time to spend time with loved ones, taking short outings or trips, or to get away from mundane tasks.

Have a great weekend!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Friday Blues = Google 'baba' (Guru) says many people have referred to ''Friday blues” as something to do with the hangover of alcohol or —, due to an over happy Friday night. The heavy headed feeling u have on a Saturday morning.

Arouse (v) = stimulate, provoke, awaken, produce, stir, rouse, (ant) dampen

Tantalizing (adj) = enticing, teasing, tormenting, tempting, provocative, (ant) boring

Pub crawl (n) = informal British – a tour taking in several pubs or bars, with one or more drinks at each. (v) = go on a pub crawl. "He liked to pub-crawl with his mates"

Knock back (phrasal verb) = British informal 1. reject or discourage a person making a request or suggestion. "He applied for funding for nine different projects and was knocked back each time" or 2. cost someone a specified, typically large, amount of money. "Buying that house must have knocked them back a bit." In the text it refers to simply drinking!

Legless (adj) = to have no legs. In British informal it means extremely drunk. "He was legless after his booze-up at a nightclub"

Lay (v) = to rest, break, time out, relaxation, breather, respite, cessation

Mundane (adj) = ordinary, dull, routine, everyday, commonplace, boring, unexciting, dreary, monotonous, tedious

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