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Fight Stress

Controlling stress is the best answer to alleviating world-disorder if everyone worked on bettering themselves. Busy hospitals and all the illnesses that go hand in hand would be reduced. No individual has control over what goes on worldwide, but each person has the ability to take stress in their stride by using nature to impact results!

Stress suppresses our immune system, upsets our digestive and reproductive systems, increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, and speeds up the aging process. It can even rewire the brain, leaving us more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

Stress creates fat around the mid-section of the stomach and organs by triggering the hormone cortisol which activates more insulin, so there is going to be a release of glucose. During stress the body runs through glucose. A lack of sleep will also trigger cortisol and consequently more fat around the trunk of the body.

Covid taught me to become more aware of how to combat stress because of its fundamental impact on our immune system that must be strong in case of the virus way before vaccinations were available. This ailment was and still is no laughing matter though there are those who think it is a joke.

The good news is I’ve found several ways to overcome stress, bring it down a peg or two so it doesn’t eat us alive, and to the contrary have discovered a much better way to live and appreciate everything that comes in my face. I cannot explain all the details, but I will make everyone aware of areas to work on to improve overall strength to cope with stress.

It involves a complete override of the way we do things though subtle changes work best. Go to bed earlier and then wake up earlier providing time to consciously meditate while spending some time deep breathing. Skip breakfast so more time is spent fasting which has tremendous benefits on a healthy gut. Consume plenty of water spread throughout the day while less in the evening.

Additionally, spend time studying the best foods to eat which means reducing junk food if not depleting it all together. Eat more vegetables and salads. Try activities that work on cardiovascular like walking, cycling, and swimming. Do circuit training which can be alternated between cardio and resistance training like ab-twists, press-ups, and lunges. Resistance could also mean weight-training.

In my experience, all these areas work in sync because they improve our wellbeing which translates into a calmer tempera-ment. A positive attitude determines mindset to take on these tasks which make all the difference to feel on top of the world and help significantly to manage lifestyle. It is very important to realize stress is a state of mind that we have control over if we communicate effectively with ourselves.

Yes, it takes effort. Implementing a personal strategy to win makes sense. Don’t make excuses with time constraints, but take action and see the benefits.

Take care,

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Hand in hand = closely associated, or of two people with hands joined, especially as a mark of affection.

Bring it down a peg or two = to make (someone/something) feel less important or proud. ‘He was taken down a peg when an even better player joined the team.’ Also, to make the situation less strenuous by bringing it down a peg or two (make it easier).

In their stride = Definition of take (something) in one's stride is to deal with (something difficult or upsetting) in a calm way I thought they’d be upset, but they have taken the news in her stride.

Trunk (n) = stem, shaft (mid-section), torso, stalk (tree trunk)

Bettering = from the gerund or present participle of the verb to better. To improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement). ‘He ran the race by bettering his previous record by two minutes.’

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