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Fauda Season 4

Atualizado: 30 de jan. de 2023

Emotionally strong while tantalizing end to Season 4 of Fauda, the Israeli Netflix series is perhaps the most authentically comprised Middle East conflict sequel of all time.

It kept me alluringly intrigued all the way through till the end, and then some more. Yes, there must be another season coming soon. I love it, love it, and love it some more! Every season has delivered similarly, but this time around it drove home how artistic the plot is, the actors’ merit, and real commitment shone above expectations, as it seemed so real. Bravo!

I can only imagine being an Israeli, IDF Special Forces member of a team on a mission. These special people mean business to go over enemy lines, blend in, discover where the enemy are based, carry out reconnaissance, extract hostages, take out strategic strong points, and usually they are outnumbered with odds of being caught or taken out forever.

Doron the main character plays a middle aged IDF team member who is determined to seek justice for others at all times. He is a figure everyone wants to be like or near because of his irresistible appeal, kind nature while strong-willed personality, and mental and physical strength to carry out his obligations. The really good thing about him is his warm while comforting understanding for those who deserve compassion. He will bend over backwards if you deserve it!

In season 4, Maya, is the sister to a Palestinian brother who has turned against the Israeli Defense even though his family has ties to Israel. For ten years she has been working for the Israelis, sometimes as an undercover agent to support the Israeli lifestyle while her brother who at first acts like he is also on the same path, secretly plots against them.

Each episode is carefully planned, expertly filmed with special effects and a cast of top-notch film stars who go out of their way to impress. Trust me, they do a great job!

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Alluringly (adv) = charismatically, charmingly, appealingly, beguilingly, temptingly, irresistibly, fascinatingly, (ant) repulsively

IDF Special Forces = All combat brigades in the IDF have a unit with improved weaponry and training used for reconnaissance and special forces missions, trained to use advanced weapons and reconnaissance technology, as well as hand-to-hand combat.

Bend over backwards (idiom) = make every effort to achieve something, especially to be fair or helpful. "We have bent over backwards to ensure a fair trial for the defendants."

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