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England's Refugees

Over a million foreigners came to live in the United Kingdom last year alone. However, one reason for Brexit was to reduce the amount of foreigners flooding the land. That clearly hasn’t happened, so I wanted to report from people’s view on how they see the situation.

In the twelve months to December 2022, approximately 1.16 million people migrated to the United Kingdom, while 557,000 emigrated away from the country, resulting in a net migration figure of 606,000. However, according to the latest Metro newspaper it quote net migration is 745,000.

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of England has begun a new crackdown on migration in a bid to difuse another political crisis, raising the bar for skilled workers who want to move to Britain. Then home secretary James Cleverly revealed a five-point plan in the Commons yesterday, insisting: 'Enough is enough. Immigration policy must be fair, legal, and sustaibable.

According to experts online, the vast majority of people seeking asylum do not come to the UK. But for the relatively smaller number who do, the most common reason they choose the UK is to join their family who are already in the country. Another common reason for people coming to the UK is that they speak the language. However, many don’t, nor do they make the effort to learn the English language.

Asylum applications. There were 74,751 asylum applications (relating to 89,398 people) in the UK in 2022. This is more than twice the number of applications in 2019 and the highest number for almost 2 decades. In the year ending June 2023, there were 52,530 irregular migrants detected entering the UK, up 17% from the year ending June 2022. 85% of these arrived via small boats.

Additionally, specialists are saying they are welcome. Across the United Kingdom, people are opening their hearts and lives to refugees and saying 'welcome' in a range of innovative ways. Some are supporting refugees to access education and housing, or restart their careers. Others are helping them overcome trauma or have their voices heard.

Online sources are saying, “Refugee Council works with thousands of refugees and people seeking asylum each year. We provide crisis advice and practical support, to help refugees integrate into their new communities and offer mental health counselling to help them come to terms with the trauma so many of them have experienced.”

Britain’s are split on whether they should take in Palestinian refugees fleeing Gaza, as one in eight (13%) say the government is doing too much, 25% say not enough, a further 24% about the right amount and the largest number, 38%, saying they don't know. Those following the stories closely are more likely to say the government isn't doing enough (35%), but 28% say they're doing about the right amount.

A growing amount of UK aid has been spent on UK-based refugees, with spending increasing from £410 million in 2016 to £3,690 million in 2022 (rising from 3.2% of the aid budget to 29%). The Home Office was responsible for £2,382 million of this aid spending in 2022.

Globalization has created metaethical views. Metaethical relativists, in general, believe that the descriptive properties of terms such as "good", "bad", "right", and "wrong" do not stand subject to universal truth conditions, but only to societal convention and personal preference.

As a final note, you might want to ask if diverse cultures living together works?

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Asylum (n) = refuge, haven, sanctuary, shelter, retreat, safe haven, place of safety, safe house, protection

Metaethical (adj) = the study of the meanings of ethical terms, the nature of ethical judgments, and the types of ethical arguments. In other words, metaethics is the study of moral thought and moral language. Rather than addressing questions about what practices are right and wrong, and what our obligations to other people or future generations are – questions of so-called 'normative' ethics – metaethics asks what morality actually is.

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