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Driving Force

Atualizado: 28 de set. de 2022

The driving force behind Maverick’s job was his desire to propel his career, support his family, and ooze success. In his mind, ongoing results were fundamental to raise his self-esteem. His awareness and calmness weren’t automatic traits, but rather developed during his career span which had ended when he officially retired at sixty-five years old.

Maverick drove to work by car. As an employee selling life assurance, he went to work in his Fiat Uno. It was cheap and economic. Once he retired, he used his saved money to buy a Ford Maverick 5L V8 which had a top speed of around 182km per hour. As an American muscle car, it sounded fantastic with throaty exhaust vibrations which got a lot of attention.

Driving force is the force that is responsible to put an object into motion. In the absence of the driving force, an object is not able to change its shape, state, size, or position. The driving force is also known as the external force. Whenever there exists a driving force in action, an opposing force, known as a retarding force, is also present. The main task of a retarding force is to oppose the motion of the object or slow down the speed with which it is moving. If the magnitude of the driving force is greater than the retarding force, the object speeds up. If the value of the driving force is less than the retarding force, the object slows down. If both the forces are equal in magnitude, then there exists no change in the state, shape, or position of the object. This is because both the forces acting from opposite directions with equal magnitude establish a condition of equilibrium and forbid any motion.

To provide acceleration to a car, the engine of the car is required to be ignited. The engine of the car then is able to develop the necessary driving force to put the vehicle into motion. When the ignition system or the driving force is cut off, the vehicle comes to rest.

The swings attached to the rotating roof of a merry-go-round ride tend to move towards the outer side. The force that compels the swings to leave their state of equilibrium and get dislocated from their original position is the centrifugal force. The centrifugal force is a pull force applied to every rotating object in nature. This force is regarded as a driving force.

There are certain toys in the market, which are operated with the help of the mechanical force stored with the help of winding a key. The key is rotated multiple times in a particular direction. This helps to store a considerable amount of energy in it. When the key is released, the toy exhibits motion. Hence, this stored mechanical force, here, acts as a driving force to the toy.

Since being a young boy Maverick had always dreamt about what could be achieved by motion, and especially the driving force, hence the Ford Maverick was the perfect car to satisfy his curiosity.

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

The driving force (n) = The impetus, power, or energy behind something in motion, as in. “He was clearly the driving force in the new administration.” This term transfers the force that sets in motion an engine or vehicle to other enterprises.

Maverick (n) nonconformist, eccentric, rebel, unconventional person, odd one out, (ant) conformist

Propel (v) = push, drive, force, boost, thrust, impel

Ooze (n) = radiate, be full on, reek of, overflow with, discharge, secretion, excretion, emission

Throaty (adj) = husky, hoarse, croaky, deep, thick

Retarding (v) = delaying, checking, hindering, impeding, holding back, slow down, (ant) speed up, accelerate

Forbid (v) = prohibit, ban, prevent, outlaw, bar, stop, hinder, inhibit, (ant) allow

Merry-go-round (n) = a revolving machine with model horses or other animals on which people ride for amusement.

Winding (adj) = zigzagging, twisting, curving, (ant) straight

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