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Dream Job

Never put yourself down. Learn how to compliment yourself for what you are worth. Aim high towards your goals, but understand you cannot always be successful even if you push yourself to the limit. Learn to accept your limitations, as not everyone is perfectly aligned to succeed. In fact, no one is perfect!

Those on a quest for a specific job should have the suitable qualifications. If not, then they need to aspire to studying appropriate material to qualify. Education is paramount when dream jobs are on the horizon. Stay informed of market trends and the latest news relevant to the sector. This would provide the edge during an interview process.

Whatever career you have in mind can be considered. Work diligently to achieve it. Check out what’s required! If you want to join the Air Force and be a fighter pilot and you are colorblind then probably it wouldn’t be a good fit. If you have no patience then choosing a career in keyhole surgery might not be the best option, as calmness and attention to detail would be important during a tricky operation.

However, if you are serious about a career path then improve your character traits to enhance your chances of success. Make adjustments in your ways to overcome constraints. Work on communication skills to develop your negotiation techniques. This will lead to improved closing ability, getting job offers.

We are incredible persons, and as individuals a one-of-a-kind warrior who has the capability of reaching the stars.

Written by Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Quest (mission)

Paramount (vital)

Edge (best form)

Patience (tolerance)

Tricky (complicated)

Constraints (restraints)

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