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Descriptive Writing

Atualizado: 7 de dez. de 2022

Used to describe a situation, especially in essays by unfolding the settings, the people, objects, and emotions. When using sensory details in descriptive writing, the writer must engage in any or a combination of the five senses: see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

Rain drops were dripping vertically downwards on the window pain, sleet noisily battered alongside while thunder gave distinctive panic. Three of the male teenagers must have wished they had stayed at home, snuggled under their sheets and blankets trying to sleep instead of sneaking out in the middle of the night. Whereas one looked indifferent. The bitter cold added to their partly frozen predicament.

Hidden in a derelict house on Harrington street, the boys who had originally left home for a prank, regretted every moment. The thunderstorm had become more violent, Mark started to cry, his thirteen-year-old brother wet his pants, and Arthur, his friend had the look of a petrified halfwit. The property smelt uncomfortably bad.

The dampness only added to Eddie’s worry, as he tried to hide behind an old flaking door which leant against a corner of wall in the ground floor living room. It wasn’t usual for him to wet himself, but the utter fright of the commotion made him feel helpless, his body felt the urge to let go, and he did rather clumsily. Coupled with the freezing weather his pee was even more unpleasant.

The other boy, John kept his composure, his dad had taught him to stand up for himself, be a man, and stop whining when faced with dilemma. He showed no shame. He looked calm. Every moment was spent in silence, but smiling markedly while every now and again smirking as if the whole event was a joke. Clearly, in his mind it was laughable!

Written by Carl Boniface

Match the following words:

1. Uncomfortable

2. fright

3. wet

4. Unpleasant

5. Dampness

6. panic

Vocabulary builder:

Indifferent (adj) = uncaring, unconcerned, cool, unmoved

Dripping (adj) = drenched, soaked, saturated, wet, dripping wet

Derelict (adj) = dilapidated, run-down, ruined, neglected, abandoned

Petrified (adj) = frightened, terrified, scared, horrified

Halfwit (n) = foolish or stupid person

Markedly (adv) = distinctively, noticeably, strikingly, clearly

Smirk (v) = sneer, leer, grin

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