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Cook Bryan

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

“Cooking has always been one of my passions, as later in life I’ve realized we are what we eat!”

An easy lifestyle often means settling for big boy’s fast food like Burger King, or McDonalds, or even Bobs Burger’s. Of course, for Brazilians, ‘Bob’s Burger’ is well-known, and has 1,100 stores spread around Brazil while having operated since 1952. However, fast food could mean lack of nutrients, and the essential balance of ingredients to build a strong healthy body.

My friend Bryan is a great example of eating excellence, and as you can see his snapshot shows how serious he is about looking after his 50+ years old body. Since knowing Bryan, I’ve realized he is well-worth listening to, so one can get on the right track to better health.

He avoids processed foods and whips up some, as he likes to put it, “damn good meals!” I will attest to the ingredients, as I also like to steer away from processed foods and therefore, try to cook what I feel is a more appropriate cuisine for longevity. And in my case that includes eggs and meat, and plenty of vegetable and salads!

Today’s blog is short and to the point. We have one life, so looking after yourself is the main theme and may I suggest checking out his YouTube channel below. Don’t forget to like, and subscribe for more content.

Written by Carl Boniface

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Carl Boniface
Carl Boniface
30 oct. 2021

“Cozinhar sempre foi uma das minhas paixões, pois mais tarde na vida percebi que somos o que comemos!” 😋

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