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Cold Showers

Atualizado: 21 de nov. de 2022

Having a cold shower every day is a surefire way to benefit health in diverse ways. For most it is an unheard-of thought because there is no reason to subject the body to extreme cold temperatures. Modern living, subjects us to living in comfort.

When time began and the first inhabitants were born, clothes didn’t exist. Logically, they had to adjust their conditioning to withstand extreme temperatures, so it makes sense to assume they not only put up with these colder conditions, but the routine strengthened their immune system. According to my own experience of taking daily cold showers over the last years, they make me more alert. However, there are several health benefits.

Studies have shown that cold water stimulates blood flow, boosts mood, promotes healthier skin and hair, and more. Here is a short list of some of the benefits:

  1. Boosts the immune system – being exposed to cold produces more white blood cells, and these cells fight off infections.

  2. Relieve depression – cold showers stimulate nerve receptors in the skin which stimulates brain activity which has an anti-depressive influence.

  3. Become more alert – as cold water hits the skin it causes a minor shock that fires up the sympathetic nervous system which also stimulates heart rate and digestion. Additionally, it helps to respond quickly to stress which improves alertness.

  4. Makes hair healthier – taking a cold shower isn’t damaging like hot water, as it doesn’t strip away natural oils. Cold water increases shine and helps smooth the outer layer of hair strands called the cuticle, so that the hair looks less frizzy.

  5. Better skin – cold water reduces the risk of getting dry skin, so that the natural oils will keep the skin hydrated. Cold water will help keep the skin softer while smoother.

  6. Recovery – taking cold showers as well as cold bath immersion will reduce muscle soreness from inflammation and fatigue.

There are additional benefits from spending some time taking cold showers which force our bodies to activate balancing mechanisms via endocrine and nervous system regulation. Science clearly shows that this lengthens our telomeres, which are sections of DNA that lie at the ends of chromosomes that protect our cells from aging.

After taking cold showers for around three years, I can swear blind the total experience is a win-win!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Unheard-of (adj) = unknown, unfamiliar, obscure, undiscovered

Boosts (v) =improves, increases, advances, makes better

Fires up (v) = get going, initiate, start off, set off, enthuse, stimulate

Frizzy (adj) = curled, wiry, curly, frizzed, tightly curled, (ant) straight

Soreness (n) = tenderness, pain, discomfort, agony, ache

Endocrine (n) = relating to or denoting glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood.

Swear blind (expression) = affirm something emphatically. "His informant swore blind that the weapons were still there."

Emphatically (adv) = forcefully, definitely, categorically, ardently, insistently, (ant) hesitantly

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