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Champion Spirit

Elevating oneself to heights of grandeur is wonderful, but there has to be some substance behind the growth. In reality it takes a resounding attitude to overcome negativity and all the hurdles to get to the top.

Coupled with determination and perseverance in reaching target areas that stimulate personal gratification and add to satisfaction and the fulfillment to keep heading upwards. The prospect of elevation on a spiritual level is an important part of the skyward bound journey.

Ascendent participation is in essence a vibrational jump up the ladder to become a topdrawer player; the kind of warrior not to be intimidated by foes. Yes, those who take on the enemy will undoubtingly face obliteration while with strategic reconnaissance, careful planning, and concentrated efforts to destroy rivals then positive possibilities are achievable objectives.

Confidence is a must; belief in thyself requisite, and an action orientated disposition to run after solutions. Dwayne Johnson alias “The Rock” has climbed the ranks and maintained his run of glory macho image for several decades which takes guts.

As in business or private life, there is a need to be in control. Hold one’s head and chin up high like British gentlemen are supposed to do. Life needs continuous navigation to ride the waves and windy seas. Stay focused and sail yonder!

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Essence (n) = spirit, core, heart, crux, soul, quintessence, substance

Foes (n) = adversaries, enemies, antagonists, rivals, opponents, (ant) friends

Requisite (adj) = necessary, obligatory, mandatory, essential, required, prerequisite

Alias (adj) = codenamed, dubbed, identified, named, called, known as, a.k.a.

Guts (n) = braveries, resolves, willpowers, courage, strength of character

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