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BS or Genuine Palmeiras News

Atualizado: 27 de set. de 2023

With so many bullshit (BS) rumors going around ‘The Internet’ these days, it’s difficult to attest to anything you read. However, a recently written report claimed that Palmeiras is prepared to sign a deal with a great Brazilian football star.

Palmeiras called green (color of their playing kits) ‘Verdão’ is already thinking about reinforcements for next season. After disappointing fans when it comes to fortifying the team in 2023, Palmeiras intends to invest heavily in new players for next season. According to presenter Neto (see snap shot), it’s because there is a great probability that Palmeiras will lose a series of starters next year.

The former player states that names such as Rony, Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Raphael Veiga have inquiries from other clubs to leave the team; Veiga even having a verbal agreement to play for Wolverhampton. And although Neto's information has not been confirmed, the fact is that the Palmeiras camp is already monitoring the market in search of strengthening the team.

Bruno Henrique's hiring is sanctioned by Abel at Palmeiras. Actually, UOL reported that one of Palmeiras main targets for 2024 is Bruno Henrique, from Flamengo. The athlete is at the end of his contract and has not reached an agreement to renew it. They go on further to reveal that the number 27's name has been approved by Abel Ferreira.

ESPN: In search of strong reinforcements for the 2024 season, Palmeiras is organizing behind the scenes to agree with striker Bruno Henrique from Flamengo for the 2024 season. The athlete is in the final stretch of his contract with Rubro-Negro, which allows him to sign a pre-contract with any other team right now.

Crack Neto, as he’s known even goes on to say, Abel Ferreira will be leaving Palmeiras at the end of the season. Strange how he seems to know everything!

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Inquiries (n) = investigations, studies, explorations, examinations, questions, request for information

Renew (v) = reintroduce, repeat, restart, recommence, begin again, restore

Stretch (n) = give, bounce, spring, elasticity, rigidity, section, expanse, bit

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