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Brazil verses Argentina

Atualizado: 14 de out. de 2022

In an absurd twist, Brazil’s ANVISA health authority interrupted the region’s qualifying match between the two South American colossuses, Brazil and Argentina. The 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier was suspended just ten minutes after kick-off at the Corinthians stadium in São Paulo, Brazil.

Four of the Argentinian players had traveled from the United Kingdom and according to health officials were in breach for violating the country's health regulations. Consequently, the entire Argentine team proceeded to leave the field and never reemerged from the locker room.

ANVISA stated that the four players misrepresented their travel details in official travel documents because they had travelled to Venezuela. There they played a match against the national team where they won the World cup qualifier 3-1, hence omitting to mention their trip from the United Kingdom.

A 14-day quarantine period is required for those travelling from England. However, nine UK based Brazilian players had also travelled from England but were exempted from the quarantine. The fact that an unprecedented intrusion during the actual match occurred defies belief, as it shows how absurd the situation had become.

From an outsider viewpoint it was clear that a need for diplomatic respect had been required. Such an important game needs to share equal diplomacy for both teams. Some people are now saying it appears to have been a staged interference by Brazilian authorities to show how serious they are in fighting the pandemic.

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