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Bolsonaro Store

The former Brazilian president has launched an online store to sell products. On the website, the presentation of the store says that the initiative came about "to keep a good part of Bolsonaro’s accomplishments alive”

Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) used his social networks on Sunday 26th February to promote a calendar via the Bolsonaro Store itself which is an official e-commerce store created to sell products that make reference to the mandate of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). On the website, the presentation of the store says that the initiative came about " to keep a good part of Bolsonaro’s accomplishments alive ".

The virtual store has, so far, six different products from a table and wall calendar with images of the Bolsonaro administration to mugs, barbecue boards and a statuette reproducing the silhouette of the former Chief Executive. On each item, the platform's slogan is printed: "our dream is still more alive than ever". Prices range from R$49.90 (calendar) to R$109.90 (barbecue board and figurine).

The platform also has an affiliate program in which its members can promote the site, and if they convert sales then they receive commission. Revenue equals 10% of the net order value, excluding taxes, fees and shipping. The site claims that the activities and products have the "support and collaboration" of the former president.

The domain of the platform was acquired by deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro under the CNPJ of his company on February 6th, 2023. The registration is valid for ten years. Additionally, the website has been created for official product sales which according to online sites is already a common practice in the political environment; mainly by parties interested in supplementary income.

A couple of weeks ago on February 23rd, the former president insinuated that the chief executive's salary does not "compensate", for the responsibilities of the position. Speaking at an evangelical service, he mentioned the amount he used to receive as the head of the Federal Executive and converted the remuneration into dollars. "Does anyone know how much my gross salary was in December of last year? 33 thousand reais. That's six thousand dollars. Is it worth it? You don't go there to be financially compensated", he said.

Interesting, as if I earned that amount, I would be laughing all the way to the bank. 99% of Brazilian’s earn nothing like as much.

He also gets a massive pension. As a retired army captain, he receives over two thousand dollars a month, and then as a federal deputy around six thousand dollars a month. So, Bolsonaro cashes in around 42,000 thousand reais benefit a month which is about eight thousand dollars.

If I earned half of what he collects now I’d jumping for joy, but alas I’m a mere English teacher. I’m not crying about it because that isn’t me. Personally, I believe my contribution to running the country would have been more endeavoring than the mess he created by causing panic with his far-right-wing extreme attitude towards peacemakers.

Bolsonaro was emotionally moved during a live seminar this Sunday 26th February. The broadcast was attended by country singer Rick Sollo; (by the duo Rick & Renner), the former president of Caixa Economic bank, Pedro Guimarães who was removed from office after allegations of sexual harassment; and former special secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Nabhan Garcia.

In the video Mr. Bolsonaro is listening to Rick sing the song, “Do not miss your faith”. The religious content of the song says that God is seeing the struggle of each and every one is to not lose faith. "He takes time but he doesn't fail and, at the end of this battle, you will be the winner", sings the country singer while the video focuses on the ex-president crying.

Don't forget to order your calendar!

Have a terrific day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Endeavoring (v) = trying, striving, attempting, make every effort, do your utmost, work hard to, struggling

Peacemakers (n) = negotiators, arbitrators, diplomats, mediators, appeasers, go-betweens, pacifiers, (ant) fighters

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