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Being Real

Growing up in England taught me about radical extreme right-wing fanatics. Bolsonaro is going against every moral discipline my conservative parents warned me about. Politics in England is so much more reserved for people who try to abide by the rules without blowing their trumpet and ego bouncing trying to instill their conspiracy theories.

In fairness, Bolsonaro was my first choice in 2018 to clean up the mess Dilma had left, but then his hard line, racist attitude took its toll on me, and I paid more attention to his fanatical ways. The thing is so many conservatives agree with his provocative methods of inciting hatred to the system as if it's the enemy. His menacing ways caused many of his followers to bully their way into the limelight upholding his views.

When the pandemic came around, he brushed it to the side because the Supreme Court gave the power to state governors instead of him, and of course that interfered with his ego. Consequently, he made out it was insignificant, and by taking unprescribed drugs it could be cured. In fact, he boasted that with his sports background it wouldn't affect him.

Then he went against his health minister who was following World Health Organization (WHO) protocol in the beginning to avoid risk by entering lockdown, so he fired him and said that he didn't agree with it. He didn't even think masks were necessary. The thing is covid wasn't a conspiracy. Covid kills. He slowed down the purchase process to buy vaccines.

Registering more than 36.55 cases and 0.93 deaths per thousand inhabitants as of December 31, 2020, Brazil had the second-highest burden of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) worldwide. As of end May 2021, the country recorded around 450,000 deaths caused by COVID-19, the highest number in the world. That figure has risen further to just under 700 thousand, one of the worst records in the world. I wonder if Bolsonaro thinks he had anything to do with such a poor record of saving lives!

It's easy to pinpoint the blame on others as he regularly did during his term in office. I'll say this. I feel so much better now he's gone. I feel like I am able to breathe again. I don't have to see him and his group of muppets using bolshy techniques.

Thank God there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I love Brazil, its people, and their friendly nature. However, if you are a Bolsonaro lover then please feel free to take me off your friend list if you don't like my attitude. I understand!

Take care!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Muppets (n) like a puppet but typically operated with one hand of the puppeteer inside the head and a rod or glove to move one arm of the puppet.

Bolshy (adj) = British informal word (of a person or attitude) deliberately combative or uncooperative. "Some teenagers are bolshie, full of argument!" As a noun (n) = a Bolshevik or socialist.

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