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A Peaceful Solution

Fighting is for barbarians, those uncultured while uncivilized people who have to have their own way. They know no better than air their frustration by inflicting nasty acts, often against innocent victims who just happen to get in the way.

Peace means goodwill unto others, friendliness in a light hearted fashion and tactfulness to find a reasonable solution that appeases both side or all those involved. However, finding an amicable way out for all parties is extremely difficult if not impossible when barbarians come to the table.

Morale values from childhood then could be responsible and living in a region that is set in its ways or has undergone radical suffering which might affect mindset! Perhaps nations that are set in their ways are unprepared to make any amends to present policy to overcome differences. Only the strong survive!

Nevertheless, one would think rational analysis would heighten the need for adaptation to current circumstances creating a will to resolve dilemmas quickly and effectively. Any reasonable human being should be able to discuss situations and make appropriate changes to avoid conflict. Under the atrocities we witness nowadays it defies belief that many cannot find a mid-ground for issues.

If one studies the plight of Jewish victimization, it is very reasonable to comprehend the need to gradually relocate to Israel, a land which originally was theirs. The fact the League of Nations endorsed the a National Jewish Home in Palestine as set forth in the Balfour Declaration on July 24, 1922 it makes sense that they have the right to defend themselves against unlawful barbarians.

Under no circumstances any group of people should resort to using innocent people as scapegoats by killing them and holding them hostage when clearly these acts are inhumane.

To eradicate the potential of further atrocities it even stands to reason that a response will be messy, and consequently there will be casualties.

Have a great day!

Prof. Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Barbarians (n) = (in ancient times) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian). "The city was besieged by the barbarians." An uncultured or brutish person. “You arrogant barbarian!"

Rational (adj) = lucid, balanced, normal, coherent, sensible, reasonable, logical, realistic, (ant) irrational

Heighten (v) = intensify, amplify, increase, improve, enhance, worsen, reinforce, add on, (ant) lessen

Only the strong survive (phrase coined by Charles Darwin) Natural selection is the theory that only the strong survive. For example, the animals that can outrun their predators live to pass on their speedy genes; the slow are eaten. Natural selection is part of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

The League of Nations was the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose principal mission was to maintain world peace.

Scapegoats (n) = accused, victims, fall person, blames, condemns, accuses, incriminates, single out

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