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A Great Day

Every day should be a great day. If today you woke up groggy then slowly unwind and get in the right mood to have a great day. A great day makes all the difference if your mood accompanies your spirit to excel.

Every one of us is full of energy to excel in life. The key then is to stay positive and aim for perfection. Even if things are going against us, we are able to switch direction and bring out our true nature, an energetic lifeforce that enables us to reach new heights. Those people with this kind of outlook are the ones who do well in life because they are prepared to take on the challenges of each day.

If you differ in opinion then now is the time to change your attitude, stay sharp and hungry to get on and prosper. Have a great weekend!

Take care!

Carl Boniface

Vocabulary builder:

Groggy (adj) = tired, sleepy, slow, unsteady, wobbly, dazed

Unwind (v) = let everything go, destress, loosen up, unravel, untwist

Spirit (n) = lifeforce, inner-self, disposition, temperament, attitude, nature

get on (phrasal verb) = progress with, work well with, continue with the task at hand, push oneself to accomplish goals, do well, to succeed, ber compatible

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