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There is a definite path we are meant to follow, yet many are not sure where they are heading. In fact, there is no path set in stone, as we as individuals’ chip away to make our existence as enjoyable as possible.

Are we trying to prove something? Speaking on behalf of most I think it prudent to point out that we sort of go along with the flow around us. For example, if we live in the middle of the Amazon Forest then likely we will succumb to our parents’ routes, in other words the way we were brought up; traditional values.

On the other hand, if we lived in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, we most likely would live a suburban lifestyle, perhaps in the middle of a shantytown unless our parents were more affluential. Then perhaps we would have more opportunity to get a better education which would probably encourage us to land a better job, one that provides higher income and potential for growth.

Basically, life is what you make it. You can go through life content, or you can suffer because you cannot be bothered to make an effort to prosper. If you are materialistic then you need lots of money to fuel your desires. Exaggerate workwise, stress out, and burn out your engine; and see how that goes!

Sit back, puff a joint, don’t eat proper nutrition, and you might end up jobless while penniless. Get married, start a family, and then you don’t see eye to eye with your partner. That’ll end up in separation and maybe divorce. If you couple that to not having enough money to pay your children’s alimony then don’t complain when you get put in prison.


Rounding up my thoughts, we are all in the same boat, i.e., in essence we can choose our destination. Yes, the end will eventually come, and we can make sure we live as well as possible if we take the right precautions and aim for success.

Having a pleasant life lived in earnest by sticking to beliefs and carrying out goodness instead of badness in the way we treat others. Respecting others as we expect to be treated, a passage which avoids high risk and uncanny results. Perhaps the contrary will work for you, but when you go against the odds, perhaps it’s exciting, but there is more chance of failure.

Some say, no risk no gain, or is it, no pain no gain? Certain risks might be worth taking like betting an affordable amount every week, to see if your luck comes in and you win the lottery.

Learn to live life lightly, laughing at opportune times, and making the most of your situation.

All the best!

Prof. Carl Boniface


Vocabulary builder:

Succumb (v) = yield, submit, surrender, capitulate, accede, give way, give in, (ant) withstand

Affluential (adj) = wealthy and influential

Burn out (phrasal verb) = exhaust, break down, wear out, tire, fatigue 

Puff a joint = to breathe smoke from a joint (weed – a rolled cannabis cigarette), pipe, etc., in and out of the lungs. She sat on the porch puffing on a cigarette. The men spent the evening puffing (away) at cigars.

Alimony (n) = allowance, support, funding, financial support, money, keep, grant, child support, child maintenance

In essence (adv) = basically, essentially, fundamentally, at heart, intrinsically, inherently, quintessentially, in reality, in effect, really, in actual fact 

Earnest (adj) = serious, solemn, grave, sober, intense, deep, sincere, (ant) frivolous 

Uncanny (adj) = eerie, weird, strange, mysterious, creepy, supernatural

Opportune (adj) = fitting, appropriate, favorable, apt, right, suitable, timely, convenient

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